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Instagram Update: Skirts

The days of home-comforts have passed and given way to a quest for desire, sensuality and female empowerment. The strong focus on femininity and womanhood is essential when we look at skirts across Social Media. From big trends, like the now commercialized strappy column skirt or the familiar slip skirt, to more fashionable products, such as the tennis or 90s mini or the gathered look, skirts are promoting the female silhouette this summer. Influencers are seemingly competing for the most sensual and effortless sense of sexy. Slinky wrapped skirts are similarly playing on fluidity and softness, while the reconstructed blazer skirt is pointing towards a bolder sense of female empowerment. Focusing on mini and midi length is key, as well as form-hugging shapes and materials, including satin, jersey and lightweight cottons. The Livetrend Tracker has detected the most trending styles on instagram. Take a look:

The Power of Seduction!

The New Must-Haves


The Strappy Column Style

Credits: @desordrebooutique, @iamnotsorrydarling, @hannahschonberg, @leoniehanne,@weworewhat


The Tennis-Court Mini

Credits: @xstyle.central, @casadimicco, @urbanrevivo, @anihaas,@fernandaamirez


The Reworked Blazer

Credits: @colloquial, @vitaliia, @veronicaferraro, @rosescloud, @livzoo


The Seductive Slip Skirt

Credits: @riccicci, @annawinck, @emilisindlev, @alisontoby, @soukenya


The 90s Mini

Credits: @princesspolly, @endlesslyloveclub, @oliviabynature, @eemmajanestevens, @sofieroyer


The Gathered and Scrunched

Credits: @brunabaer, @lunabarron, @taryncumbo, @lena_helenabusch, @ellarose


The Wrap Style

Credits: @vallibeatrice, @iamhannawhiting, @veronicaferraro, @chloeszep, @clairerose

Effortlessly Female

Those are the new trending it-pieces for SS21 according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index (year on year) on the top left and the trend classification on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22. 

Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as the scrappy column look or the gathered skirt which have moved from fashionable to more commercial styles. Further highlight pieces are introducing the current trend for nostalgic retro looks: the 90s and the Tennis. mini. A strong vintage notion is key here, so the bold prints or the pleated look are crucial to manifest an authentic aesthetic. Staples, like the wrap skirt and the slip skirt, are tapping into even more feminine and seductive territories this season, as they embrace high slits or revealing drapes. As a transitional piece from spring, the reconstructed blazer skirt is remaining relevant, working best, in combination with a coordinated cropped blazer as the counterpart. 

7 July 2021