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Instagram Update: Shoes

These shoes are made for walking!

As we transition into a new period, that builds on more flexible and varied lifestyles, footwear categories are continuing to blur and demand for versatile products. The ability to style a product and wear it from day to night and in to outdoors puts high expectations on shoe designers. While embedding comfort, unique and uplifting aesthetics are crucial now. Novelties and all-time favorites are trying to embed those opposite demands, with slides, block-heeled retro heels and bolder sandals and ballet flats. As assumed by current 70s upheavals, the clog is celebrating its great comeback. Woodstock-inspired styles are all over instagram and sending off a bucolic vibe. Taking the countryside element away, contemporary croc styles are celebrating a similar shape on a more edgy level. Take a look at all the novelties in this report and get an overview of all the shoes that grasped social media this SS21 season and how they will impact your client in the upcoming season:

Brands To Watch

What's trending?


Square-Toe Mules

Credits: @ariviere, @mansurgavriel, @tonybianco, @commesi, @bettinavermillon


Chunky City Sandals

Credits: @jelenasimeonova, @thebalitailor, @_jeanettemadsen_ , @shopbop,@trinekjaer_


Slip and Slide

Credits: @trinekjaer_ , @chloe, @thefrankieshop, @alohas,@emilisindlev


Dad Sneaker

Credits: @thefrankieshop, @toodahloo, @peppermayo, @trinekjaer_, @endlesslyloveclub


Pointy Heights

@__mmaxinewylde, @nataliakurda, @__mmaxinewylde, @soulseekerfemales, @the_attico


Classic Clogs

Credits: @miista, @zara, @ shop_amomento, @emmachamberlain, @netaporter


Western Vibes

Credits: @whitefoxboutique , @glynit, @norrgatan, @chloefraterr, @naileadevora


Updated Loafers

Credits: @jeffreycampbell, @vasquiat_official , @labucq, @paudictado, @vasquiat_official


Nostalgic Beach Sandal

Credits: @shop_peche, @reikenen_official, @mrlarkin, @mafaldapatricio, @thefrankieshop


Disco Heels

Credits: @whitefoxboutique, @glynit, @norrgatan, @chloefraterr, @naileadevora

Embracing the Shoe Again

Those are the trending footwear styles of SS21 across Instagram according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index (year on year) on the top left and the trend classification of shoe on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22. 

Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as the slide, clog or chunky sandal. They are big trends now with a high visibility on Instagram. Similarly loafers and dad sneakers are showing to be stable key-items. Safe trends of the moment and looking toward the upcoming season, are pointy stilettos, mules and western boots.

In terms of more edgy styles, novelties include croc styles in more dressy variations and  shapes and forms, as well as nostalgic disco heels with big platforms that remind us of the 70s and 90s. Beach Sandals, that recall the jelly sandals of previous decades are also evolving across the more fashionable crowd. Take a look at the Instagram Update regarding Footwear Details as well.

28 November 2021