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Instagram Update: Pants

Summer Season is just around the corner and Social Media is beginning to flaunt some fresh trouser styles. The category seems to prevail strong, net to an influx of easy-breezy summer dresses. As an update for the season, the co-ord set with shorts is one of the strongest Instagram styles at the moment. If interpreted in fluid or more underwear-inspired, loungewear silhouettes, these full-looks are creating coherent outfits. The dad pants remains stable, while cargo styles are increasing their prominence at a faster pace. With comfort still in focus, the flared jersey, recovery leggings and wide legged white denims are proposing fashionable solutions. The psychedelia prints and slits on thighs have just emerged as the most fashionable highlights regarding pant details. Focusing on shorter styles, super mini shorts and culottes, especially in knit, and pull on styles are currently trending online.

Seductive Comfort!

Overall, it seems like skin-revealing details and fluid materials are adding a feminine nod to loose-fit styles, while formfitting jerseys are featuring the silhouette while sustaining an ease of wear. The Livetrend Tracker has detected the most trending tops on instagram. Take a look:

The New Must-Haves


The Shorts Set

Credits:@racheleveritt, @ellefuergeson, @chlodavie, @brunabear, @syd_anastasia


The Dad-Pants

Credits:@sulivang, @sulivang, @endlesslyloveclub, @laurajadedstone, @arriviere


The Cargo

Credits:@haileybieberr, @hoskelsa, @emmajanestevens, @hannahschonberg, @endlesslyloveclub


The Flared Jersey

Credits:@princesspolyy, @aimeeesong, @shitrendy, @vitaliia, @aimazin


The Psychedelia Style

Credits:@sofiamcoelho, @maria_bernad, @paudictado, @oliviaandalice, @_mmaxinewylde


The Thigh-Slit Style

Credits:@sofiamcoelho, @rachelaraz, @sofiamcoelho, @lioness, @viciandthekid


The Recovery Legging

Credits:@nitsanreiter, @nikki_khana, @mathildegoehler, @carlahinojosar, @brunabear


The White Denim

Credits:@endlesslyloveclub, @iamnotsorrydarling, @mariegalliot, @brunabear, @couturekulten


The Super Shorts

Credits:@ninasuss, @naras, @dariasuchenek, @doubleexposure, @weworewhat


The Pull-On Shorts

Credits:@iamhannawhiting, @constantlyk, @sarabace, @fernandaamirez, @bethanymccoy

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those are the new trending it-pieces for SS21 according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index (year on year) on the top left and the trend classification on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend within your market for SS22. 

Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as the taste for dad pants and psychedelic print designs. New developments include the commercialization of flared fits and a high magnitude of, rather straight or wide legged, rigid white denim styles. In terms of shorts, the more edgy super-mini short and the pull-on style are optimal for high summer styles. This season, slits on thigh level and cargo styles are favored as an early sign trend by thee most fashionable and promise some potential for upcoming seasons too turn into high magnitude-pieces.

The strongly demanded matching-set of previous seasons and lockdown-times is given a summer update via short versions. Knit and jerseys are still remaining crucial here, as well as easy and airy lightweight materials, which resonate an airy vocational feel. Overall, it can be noted that Social Media relevant pants are embracing comfort while proposing eye-catching and statement moments on screens and in reality. Make sure to tap into the opportunities for the next season and answer to the tastes of the Online Community.