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Instagram Update: Must-Have Pieces

Highlights and Confirmations

Livetrend trend-tracking technology has been filtering the must-have pieces, which are currently dominating the feeds of Instagram and shaping the aesthetics of the moment. With several countries still in lockdown and detached from commerce, social media platforms are not only relevant to develop new aesthetics and to get people inspired by the more fashionable, but they are now equally as important, if not more than ever, when it comes to visualizing a product and style to communicate and sell it. The newly introduced buy-now and link-tree functions on Instagram are indicating on how far this social network has replaced a lot of the in-store and shopping experience. With that in mind, it is highly important to understand the tastes and leading styles on the social media platform in order to guarantee new best-seller products. 

Some of the products that have been surfacing during the pandemic are the new must-have pieces which adapt to new home-centered and wellness-driven lifestyles. Those pieces are maintaining their dominant status, e.g. sweat and knit-sets and comfort-driven staples. But with social media remaining the main form of communication and therefore speaking about oneself’s identity, hopes and aspirations, we can see some new influences emerging. The universes of traditional business-wear, attitudes towards more eco-conscious thrifting aesthetics and ideas on gender and felinity are beginning to surface new must-have products. The trending products show not only how lifestyles have changed but let us draw conclusions about consumers are channeling hopes and needs towards a brighter tomorrow. 

Take a look at the top Instagram trends, that Livetrend has detected and make sure to integrate or push them within your assortment. The percentage on the left indicates the growth index. Beware that a bigger growth index can mean, that a trend is emerging, but it is more risky too.

New Key Pieces & Trend Confirmations


Cozy Knit Sets


Statement Collars


New Normcore Sweat-Set


Legging Hybrid Pants


Second Skin Rib Dress


Pleated Dad Pants


Tailored Leather Coats


Feminine Bustiers


Boyfriend Shearling Jackets


Comfort Tailoring

Strengthen your bestsellers!

Knit sets and tracksuits have become the new normcore and are still shaping the uniform of the now. However, those loungewear and homewear pieces are increasingly smartened-up with traditional tailoring pieces for a more dressed-up and put-together feel. This update reflects how people are striving to go back to the offices and back in to (normal) working life or towards getting a job in general. The idea of these new working uniforms is also shaped by trending products like the (mostly oversized) casual tailoring look, new high-comfort yet dressy hybrid leggings, pleated dad-pants styles and tailored leather coats. With these rather masculine garments, quoting from a „working-world“, hope regarding the recession is fused with a powerful sense to get hands-on and call for action. 

The oversized Shearling Leather Jacket is one of the most trending key pieces and combines consumers cocooning needs with the feeling of authentic vintage garments, which is embedded in this product. The emphasis on vintage styles is growing with the new value of ecological-responsibility and the need to communicate this attitude via clothing. Opposed to these oversized boyfriend styles, we can detect bustiers, with a very feminine touch and form-flattering second-skin rib-dresses as being the products which reflect the feminine key pieces. Next to this soft feminine look, some bolder pieces are trending over Instagram as well. As the answer to the above-the-keyboard and on-screen needs of social media and home offices, statement jumpers and big collars are continuing to lead the way. Individuality is key here!

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17 February 2021