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Instagram Update: Bag Details & Materials

It’s all in the details. 

With bags becoming evermore important to clients to finish-off their harmonious looks and to put together statement outfits for the 'real world'. A focus on the details of bags consequently seems unsurprising. Some trends of the previous season, such as the chunky chains and gathered elements are exploited to their maximum now. For updates they make use of more surprising designs and placements. Those stable trends are hitting their peak momentum and propose a high magnitude across social media feeds. Natural materials, such as straw and raffia and handmade styles like crochet are are the newcomer of the summer. Mushy clutches made of soft leather have strong visibility across influencers and fashionistas. Another material trend can be found within different interpretations of exotic leathers as crocodile and snakeskin. With an ode to dressing-up, as well as a focus on hand-crafted charm, beaded bags have emerged as an increasingly popular style alternative. Alongside, the most fashionable are now presenting bags with larger leather handles or with artfully integrated handle-designs. Take a look at all the trends, which the Livetrend technology has tracked across Instagram.


The Wide Strap

Credits: @silfenstudio, @yolkegirl, @imogenstyling, @prada, @daryasuchenek


The Handmade Style

Credits: @chilabags, @mcy_bags, @chilabags, @mumshandmade, @newbottega


The Open Fishnet

Credits: @jaded, @shopbob, @zinafashionvibe, @staud, @sourceunknownstore


The Inserted Handle

Credits: @cultgaia, @daryaschuchek, @constantly_k, @maje, @bymalina


The Blissful Beads

Credits: @shrimps, @rosescloud, @shop.ltk, @cultgaia, @staud


The Chunky Chain

Credits: @bottegashape, @farfetch, @myforteisfashion, @charleskeithofficial, @charleskeithofficial


The Knotted and Twisted

Credits: @about.janedoe, @juliehocke, @nastygal, @bottegashapes, @megangadd


The Scrunchy Detail

Credits: @roomshop, @double3xposure, @emrata, @shopbob, @omw.bags


The Animal Skin

Credits: @byfar, @themoire, @poppylissiman, @sincerlyjules, @jwpei


The Sophisticated Pleats

Credits: @weekdayofficial, @themoire, @thesourceunknownstore, @shopbop, @simonmillerusa

Transforming Summer Wardrobes

Those are the must-have bag details and materials across social media according to Livetrend Technology. You can find the growth index year on year on the top left and the trend classification of each detail on the bottom left. To fully understand the classifications, take a look at the explanations on the right. This trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and position the trend for your client and within your market for SS22. Please note that the growth index is a comparison of the visibility of the trend in July 2021 compared to July 2020.

In terms of product novelties, Millennial’s vintage shopping habits are surfacing classic materials like snakeskin and more hand-made pieces incorporating weaving, crochet and pearls or beading. A new focus is now put on handles, whether they are creatively integrated into the main body of the bag, twisted, scrunched or enlarged in width, it becomes apparent that the handle is turning into an accessory itself and a canvas for creative solutions.
Take a look at Instagram Bags Update to complete your real-time bag trend summary.