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Haute Couture Fall 2021 : Trend Highlights

Renewal is key

The Fall 2021 Couture season marked the first haute couture week held in person since the pandemic. With an industry seeking for stability the disconcerting familiarity of the couture world resonated a sense of ease. Designers tried to embrace the powers of savoir-faire in order to manifest the beauty of the industry’s craft and keep the dream of luxury alive. At the same time, the season assessed everything that we know and grasped onto the current waves of renewal and change. The gradual return of events and social life and a generally increased need to express the self boldly, as well as the need to feeling dressed-up again, made the shows seem less frivolous, but more relevant than ever. The Livetrend Technology has been able to track the Top Highlight Trends from the Couture Runways.

Unashamed Ode to Opulence

With a changed value set regarding the value and lifespan of clothes, even haute couture seemed to adapt a higher number of versatile styles, which will be able to extend a single occasion purpose. Capes, which increased by +71%, as well as oversized tailoring silhouettes that were showing a growth index of +317% are some examples for a more functionality-driven approach. It seems like several RTW trends have been transferred to the world of luxury as well. The current patchwork aesthetic emerged a number of creative, mosaic-like prints and structures (+200%), while the eccentric taste for feathers and embellishments was pushed to its extremes. These finishings and trims were adapted within full looks and as overcharged add-ons. Despite the inclusion of more RTW-driven styles, the dream of indulgence remains. Along this trend,  shapes of the 50s and 60s surfaced and remind us of the once post-crisis upheaval of those times and provide hope. As part of those styles, structured waits à la New Look by Dior (+200%) and impressive “Soucoupe Hats” (+2400%) are igniting our ability to drift into escaping nostalgia again and envision a glorious tomorrow. 

Must-Haves & Novelties

Hyper Embellishments


Exciting Bolds


Silver And Shine


Covered In Feathers


Carefully Caped


Stories Of Frills And Tulles


Tales Of Mosaics


Returning Structure


A Bulbous Sleeve


An Array Of Flying Saucers


Masculine Markers


A story for everyone

While RTW was feeling more fanciful this year, the haute couture shows incorporated a more wearable notion on the contrary. This shift added a sense of freshness and ignite our creativity and desire to build bridges. As a result, we can see the appearance of fresh trends marking their point on the runway. They add  newness looking towards the upcoming seasons and try to think outside old sets of rules and constraints.

The top trends of this report are organized by their visibility on the runways, the number of outfits and looks that incorporate the specific piece, color, material or shape. The relating data can be found on the left side underneath the relating trend images. On the right side, you are able to find the growth index. The percentage describes the evolution of the trend compared to the previous season, in this case FW20. In order to put the growth rate into the right context, it is however important to relate the percentage to the visibility of the trend. The combination of both information will define the trend’s novelty, magnitude and stability, so you can see whether it has potential for your client or not.

16 July 2021