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FW22: Yarns and Knitting

Patterned Knits

Credits: Loewe, Philosophy, Stella McCartney, Casablanca, Alexandra Rich, Colville, Chanel, K-Krizia, Molly Goddard, Etro, Krizia, Etro, Stella McCartney, Emilio Pucci, Issey Miyake, Ulla Johnson

Soft Furry Effects

Credits: Ferragamo, Fendi, Mark Knull, Erdem, Gauchère, Dolce&Gabbana, Loewe, Sézane, Sportmax

Romantic Openworks

Credits: Delpozo, Sézane, Musier, Dior

Sheer Effects

Credits: Fendi, Sportmax, Givenchy, Marco Rimbaldi, Cecilia Banhsen

Tender Rustics

Credits: Sézane, @sourceunknown, Acne Studio, Concept Korea, @lisaboulder

Blended Yarns

Credits, Christopher Esber, Krizia, Missoni, Ulla Johnson, Sunnei

Coated Knits

Credits: Msgm, Ulla Johnson, Balmain, Valentino, Blumarine

Highly Visible Knits

One of the most powerful trends of the season are jacquard and printed knits that are already showing a 64% YoY growth. Some patterns follow the ethnic and nomadic trend, so sweaters are enriched with folkloric and ethnic motifs. Others pick up on mountain inspirations and Nordic motifs.
Geometric motifs and striped effects go as far as psychadelic distortions. The important thing is that the knit brings patterns and texture to the look. Fancy knitting is considered here as an artistic expression, of a craftsmanship, of an ancestral savoir faire of a native culture.
Crafty knits with a handmade effect are up 9% over the past year.
In second place is the trend of furry, carded, soft yarns that envelop the body in reassuring cuddles. Our Livetrend Tracker spotted new signs in terry stitches and more rustic aspects in soft, pastel colors, as per Acne Studio.
The trend of transparence, which is expected to be stable for FW22, also affects knitwear giving rise to more open workings, needle scraps and sophisticated net effects.
Aesthetic impact is important for this category and if the stitches or yarns aren’t enough, finishes such as coatings will bring the wow effect!

10 June 2021