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FW22 Trend Story Men: Future Commuter

For FW22, the trend story Future Commuters is proposing a menswear design concept that builds on the macro-sentiment of refuge. With the extensive effects of the health crisis, society is all about escaping and withstanding the pressures and anxieties of reality today. A need for detox and for clearing the mind seems unsurprising before adapting to normality again. People are seeking to create new spaces for calm and contemplation and to find balance. Moving forward, people try to recalibrate their work-life ratio, redefine living spaces and find a sense of inner calm. Physical and Mental health have become majorly important and have become an essential element for people to boost their inner and outer strength. Future Commuters are Zen-Seekers that move into a visionary future by embracing the world of technology and innovation. Driven by Serenity and Progress, these people embrace new hybrid lifestyles with a positive attitude towards the inclusion of technology into daily lives. Innovations that simplify and better their life are favored and manifest the benefits that progress has brought to us during the current health-crisis. 

The trend mood seems slightly surreal, like a digitally futuristic retreat. It balances the seemingly opposing worlds of polished tech and the sphere of soft, almost cozy, and soothing wellness rituals. The result is a feeling of prosperity & wellbeing with an oddly intellectual edge. In terms of color harmonies, a subtly nuanced palette of serene pastels and digital grays is building a basis. Exploring metallics, coatings and sheen is key to achieve contemporary gradations and glossy effects. Submerging into the feeling of touch, materials are not only pushing for innovation but proposing lustrous, almost surreal surfaces for an exciting futuristic look. Clashing polished, technological fabrics and materials with mild and soft knits or cottons embeds the dual character of new future commuters. Monochrome looks and forward-looking alternatives for contemporary office-attire are setting the tone in terms of silhouette. This influence translates into sleek structures and comfort shapes that fuse into surprising hybrid looks. Tech and utility inspired details are highly important to add a leisure-edge to the look and add a casual twist to smartened up attire. Take a look at the key references for your visionary men and embrace the futurist spirit of FW22:

Those are the top pieces and must-haves to translate the Future Commuter Trend within FW22/23 collections. 



Serene Harmonies

Detail Focus

Subtle Monochrome

Refuging Knits

Athleisure Comforts

Timeless Protection

Elevated Essentials

Tomorrow's Tailoring

Alternative Suit Set

Re-imagined Shirts

Trousers & Pants

Commuter-Friendly Utility



Finding meaning and creating purpose

As seen above minimal, yet sporty influences are generating timeless and versatile pieces that feel appropriate within current societal contexts. With marbled and futuristically geometric prints and patterns, you will be able to amp up your staples and introduce a fresh note. Knits remain important and propose cozy sweaters, cardigans and vests that will provide ease and easy-to-throw-on appeals for a wintery season. Following the impeccable desire for wellbeing and comfort, athleisure pieces that focus on movement include fitted long-sleeves and turtlenecks, drawstring finishes and updated sweat styles. Outerwear and Tailoring are definitely the leading categories within this theme. From puffy and quilted styles, to layered long coats and capes, outdoor-focused shapes are given a clean-cut edge. Suits are balancing comfort-fits and powerful, uniform silhouettes with slim silhouettes. Especially relevant are belted styles that put a modern focus on the male waistline. 

Essentials are becoming crucial again, as reality demands easy and adaptable garments to withstand the challenges and demands of busy days. Cut-outs, pockets and metals-add ons are great options to enrich the staples of the wardrobe. The idea of shirt, suit and ties has consumers already reminisce about comfy home office leisure looks. But designs are providing solutions via boxy and reworked shirt styles and sets that replace the suit but keep the fully-figured look. In order to propose maximum purpose, utilitarian details and finishes are core elements for the next season. Not only propose they valuable functions for recessionary consumers, but they are also setting men up for outdoor and indoor experiences in style. Accessoires are adding a youthful and fashionable nod through chunky soles, transparent or organic shapes and surprising details. Similarly bags are proposing novelty due to multi pockets, modular elements and an appreciation and re-evaluation of materiality. 

Get ready for tomorrow and propose similarly sleek and sporty looks for your 2022 clients. Be guaranteed to create elevated best-sellers and match the taste of fashionable menswear clients. 

29 November 2021