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FW22 Trend Story Kids: Ode to Freedom

Ode to Freedom is one of the exciting FW22 trend stories for junior and kids collections. After missing-out on their childhood for over a year, kids are now able to go out again and have the possibility to embrace such newfound freedom. Discovery has become a core driver, as well as the enjoyment of experiences that create the memories of such effortless young years. The return to real worlds is igniting a sense for exploration, which sees kids reconnecting with nature and mother earth. As opposed to the previous years, when kids were bound to the screens in almost hypnotized manners, they are now letting go of their electronic games and tablets and rushing into nature. The refreshing and igniting spirit of real interaction with others and of the interaction with the planet is proposing a new path for this liberated generation.  Little free spirits are now branching out to savor the outdoors and to go on adventures that explore the joys of life. 

The color palette provides a nostalgic mix of saturated yellows, warm sun-burnt orange shades, saturated reds, lost cyan blues and sedimental beiges. In terms of prints, florals and paisleys take the lead, while depictions of primitive art and mystic folk culture are translating top trends of the womenswear market to the younger audience. The resulting vibe embeds an optimistic and slightly spiritual mood. Patchwork themes are another core part of such free-spirited and enchanting looks. The crafty concept incorporates ideas of sustainability and durability as well. Fur details, conscious-materials and denims are creating a nature-driven look and add depth to the theme. The idea of the desert, which is crucial to the nomadic trend finds interpretation within washed-out effects and rustic finishes.

Take a look at the new must-haves and inspiration provided below and set your kids up for autumnal outdoor explorations:



Dreamy Bohemian Dresses

Tops & Pants for Freespirits

Explorer Outerwear

Cocooning Layers

Heritage Knits

Crafty Patchworks

Accessoires for the Wild

Into the Wilderness

Those are the key pieces for the Ode to Freedom story:

Knitwear takes a leading role in the interpretation of cultural and earthy themes. More irregular and crafty knitting adds a sense of mindfulness and individuality. Ruffles add a sense of femininity, which clashes with more out-door driven and utility-inspired styles that resonate a boyish spirit. Looser fits are not only offering the freedom for movement, that is needed for new liberated adventures, but also adapts to the concepts of comfort that have become elementary over the pandemic. Latter are significant contributors to a bohemian, effortless look with easy-to-throw-on appeals. Staple pieces, might also be updated with fringes and furry trims to spark a Woodstock and nostalgically 70s vibe. The Fur and Shearling coat, whether in longer or cropped versions, as well as ponchos and enlarged cardigans, embark on the cocooning trend, which is still relevant for kids in FW22. Lastly, accessories and footwear are another crucial factor to pull the folk look together. Western boots and hats, cultural slip-ons and clogs translate the connection to ethnical heritage. For bags and belts, the exploration of historic embellishments is key. Stones, beading and weaving are introduced to turn staple pieces into best-sellers with a unique feel.

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30 July 2021