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FW22 Trend Story Kids: Enfants Terribles

The concept of Enfants Terribles is proposing an energetic design theme for FW22/23 collections. The concept is based on the rebellious and subcultural notions, which are embedded in (glam) rock n roll culture. Junior and Kids collections will be drawing reference to this theme, as #backToSchool is right around the corner after the period of summer holidays. Celebrating the excitement of youth and peer groups, youngsters  will want to break the rules after a year of homeschooling again and demonstrate their hunger for life. Individuals have become evermore bold and aware of their identity, an attitude that is now also embedded within young generations. With the youth seeking to accentuate its inner wild soul, kids are embarking on a journey to explore different sides of themselves. The resulting look is oriented at previous loud subcultures and styles of previous decades. From grunge, to glam to rock and skater, all those style influences are now merged with contemporary silhouettes and materials for an innovative and youthful spirit Enfants terribles embrace a highly fashionable, slightly edgy style that resonates self-confidence and puts ideas of group and community on the forefront.

A sense of hedonism and joy is introducing bold and bright color themes, that include core colors, such as electric blue, hyperbole pink and yellow, as well as saturated red, for a lively palette. Those accentuating colors are facing larger schemes of black, green and blue, which create a more intense baseline for kid’s collections. Those rebellious kids will wrap up in heritage textiles, such as leather and denim, which reflect the idea of power and confidence, fur and sparkling or glossy pieces for a more eclectic and maximalist twist and comfort materials that support the easy, rules-breaking street-wear look. With slogans and graphics, new generations are creating statements on an off screens and demonstrate their visions. Catchy phrases and iconic logos are crucial here. Further important prints include washed and tie-dye effects, wild animal prints, stripes and checks that are ironically contrasted with novel attitudes, and photographic black and white images. Getting loud and excited seems to electrify the youth moving forward now.

Take a look at the new styles and must-haves which will enable you to translate the rule-breaker trend within your assortment. 


Prints & Graphics

Wild Animals

Rocked Denims

Glam and Sparkle


Bomber and Perfecto Staples

Skirts and Dresses





Rebellious Cool

As seen above, the must-have pieces of this theme will guarantee an edgy cool look for FW22. Confident silhouettes are providing kids with a sense of power. Nostalgic staples, such as the bomber and perfecto, propose appropriate outerwear for transitional periods and add a fashionable nod to junior looks. Fur coats, vests and over-sized long coats are staple options for the high winter season and provide functionality, style and a louder statement character.  Interesting surface treatments: shine, sparkle, texture or embellishments are crucial to adapt such renown classic to your brand and to enhance the individualistic appeal. 

The rather tom-boyish look of new rebels is contrasted with a wide array of skirts and dresses, preferably in shorter silhouettes. Leather, pleats or heritage checks are the materials of choice and have us twelve into subcultural realities. Wider legs, sporty details and skinny fits are accentuating the pants category and providing comfort and style simultaneously. In terms of tops, boyish shirt styles, bold sweaters and jerseys in oversized fits or even with shoulder pads are adding the rebellious flavor to this category. Overall, favored details are fringes, studs, patches, pins, embroideries, flocking and other trims that create an effect of uniqueness within core pieces. Make sure to amp up your young clients wardrobes for the upcoming seasons and let them stand out with strong confidence when they return to the classrooms after vacations. 

10 August 2021