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FW22 Trend Story: Hybrid Historics

Hybrid Historics are invading the fashion sphere for FW22/23. The trend concept is based on the idea of chronestesia, defined as mental time travel and the ability to think into the past and future. The result is a beautifully constructed world of emblematic historical references and visionary design, which cannot be pinpointed to a specific era. The symbiosis of multiple references not only incorporates the mix of historic periods, but similarly approaches style through eclectic lenses. The consequent mood consists of gloom and glamour. Extra-terrestrial, phantasmic and magic notions are introduced through a contemporary streetwear filter here. The tone seems slightly surreal and darkly twisted, while keeping a pronounced feminine element. On one hand, this trend story embrace consumer’s desire to escape into new dreamlands and to depict the idea of constructing a new world by using a broad variety of influences and ideas. On the other hand, the trend is certainly talking about a progressive and self-assured femininity which can come across as mildly rebellious, even stepping into goth territory.

This concept is not only sparking exuberant creativity for prints and trims to enrich classic outerwear and knitwear, that are essential for FW seasons – at the same time it offers great potential for festive collections due to the pronounced elegance and focus on dress and tailoring styles. Regarding the collection’s palette, Hybrid Historics is exploiting the extensive range of archive references. The color scheme is harmoniously balancing deep and indulgent darks with expressive color pops. The array of new darks extends the classical, evening-attire black to burgundy, dark botanical greens and deep purples. The brighter tones include digital lilac, new green sages, and pigmented orange and red. They are highly effective in patterns on dark surfaces with roses, florals, interior prints or spacey camouflage as graphical designs. Other prints are seeking to reference historic art and seek out for paintings, poems and etchings, as well as tapestry or brocade, as inspiration. For novelty, those nostalgic motifs can be merged with futuristically blurry effects or digitally enriched palettes. In terms of fabric, the trend similarly includes a symbiosis of textile qualities, reflecting the hybrid approach. Heavy interior fabrics, velvet and jacquards offer more sturdy options for outerwear, while satins, silks and sheers ( also with lace or embroidery finish) add a sense of lightness and lucidity. Traditional materials, such as prince of whales or pinstripes might also be added to spark a twisted hue with rebellion and goth boldness.

Take a look at the trending styles, that can help inspire your assortments: 





Opulent Historic Blouse

Femme Fatale Bustier


Long Coats



Fitted Draped Dresses

Glamorous Mini Dresses



Dazzling Accessoires

Dreams as Reality

While this trend direction is fostering a maximum of archive material, contemporary highlights are embedded within the silhouettes. Looking towards tops, which maintain their focal position when it comes to more statement and investment products, unexpected volumes, prints or trims are key. Such add-ons might include puffed sleeves on sweaters, feathers on shackets or corset elements within classical shirts. Fusing seemingly opposing universes is key here. A stand-out product within this category is the opulent historic blouse. The blouse is enriched with ruffles, volume, high collars and gathered sleeves. A more fashionable piece is proposed by bustier and corset variations, which range from edgy lingerie to more commercial layering styles. With outerwear as a main driver for AW ranges, uniqueness is found in glamorized rebel styles. Those include satin bombers or historic details fused with denim products. Similarly, thematically-printed puffers and A-line pullover jackets are able to translate the concept in a modern way. For long coats, updated printed trenches with more pronounced traditional details (collars, shoulders, etc) and puffed or furry styles are must-haves.

For evening wear, tailoring is setting a tone with floral printed sets, shiny leathers and new statement silhouettes. Such silhouettes include reconstructed details, such as crops or layering effects, or silhouettes that are similarly historic as the key blouses (puffed sleeve, tailored waists). For festive seasons, dresses exploit elegant draped styles on a formfitting silhouette in both, long and short lengths. Other, more structured styles maintain a keen focus on highly feminine necklines and A-line silhouettes. Lighter, flowy gowns are another dress option, which is flattering on a multitude of female bodies. Skirts are looking towards the it-pieces of mini styles and midi style pencil skirts, but also add asymmetrical garments with plissé or boldly structured denim looks. Pants are equally as glamorous by proposing wide and straight leg silhouette, next to fluid flares. Spicing up the styling are dazzling accessories like embellished clutches and footwear, which draw upon archive shapes (kitten heels, loafers, pouches). Overall, the more mystical and magic, the more the trend will resonate. Turn FW22 festive season into a magically constructed world of opulence and escape and win your consumers with statement products or upgraded basics.

For more inspiration and information on the season’s key shapes of each category, find your updates on the Trendfeed.