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FW22 Trend Story: Healers & Roots

For FW22, the trend story Healers & Roots is giving a mindful update to increasingly desired nomad and bohemian themes. While nomad stories are more experimental and eclectic for FW21, the need for grounding is taming the following season’s approach to culture and nature. For this trend direction, the mood is anchored in heightened levels of spirituality and a society that is embarking on a quest for purpose and meaning. This trend is henceforth based on crucial macro-drivers of the upcoming year.  Thematically, the symbiosis of nature and culture is surfacing inspirations of ancient wisdom and knowledge, primitive crafts and structures found within nature. The trend direction depicts the spirit of a Community 2.0. This freshly innovated understanding of community means celebrating a more human culture, that everyone belongs to, regardless of origins, genders etc. However, while the story is seeking to merge several influences, it does not come at the cost of indigenous and local cultures. On the contrary – tradition and heritage seem to inherit a special sense of purpose. They  are treated as something sacred and worth protecting. 

In terms of collection, this theme translates into grounded and warm nuances, as well as comfortable and known silhouettes. The color story depicts sedimental and natural tones, such as khaki, brown, and saffron orange. Referencing the other elements beside soil, deep yellows, light blues and saturated, indulgent reds are introduced. The textiles and prints also picture the feelings of warmth and protection. Textured knits, leather, quilting and furry elements offer a sense of homeyness and ease. Regarding the related prints, executions are rather eclectic. By mixing tribal graphics with sedimental, animal inspired and nature stories, a well-balanced hybrid style is created. The look seems charged in meaning and is  highlighting the beauty of the world, which is strongly needed in order to unite the society and create a better tomorrow. Finishings are rather crafty. Openwork, beading, knots, tassels and fringes all contribute to a more hand-made look and feel charming. While this story is set for the transitional period of autumn,  the heavy and warming material story perpetuates it into high-winter as well.

Now let’s have a look at the key styles and silhouettes related to the concept. 



Finishings & Details


Knit Dress

Trench Updates

Fur & Shearling Coat

Cape & Poncho

Tops & Blouses






Finding meaning and creating purpose

Those are the key pieces for the Healer & Roots story: 

Knitwear takes a leading role in the interpretation of cultural and earthy themes. Within this trend, printed knits and melange effects are able to translate the diffuse palettes of terrestrial surfaces. More irregular and crafty knitting adds a sense of mindfulness and individuality. Floor-length knit dresses are one of the must-haves for the upcoming season and certainly do not lack their adapted reference within this trend theme. For the story, those dresses incorporate fringed or crochet detailing, sometimes in contrasting colors. Next to knitwear, the focus on outdoors is putting outerwear in the spotlight. Staple pieces, such as the trench coat, are updated with fringes and furry trims or via thoughtfully placed graphics. The Fur and Shearling coat, whether in longer or cropped versions, as well as ponchos and capes, embark on the cocooning trend, which is still relevant for FW22. Those styles seem like rather exclusive statement pieces, yet they are crucial to achieve the nomadic look. 

Must-have tops, which are linked to this trend concept, feel slightly overcharged. Whether through prints, exuberant ruffles or draping, the top is turning into a highlight piece. The dresses are similarly impactful and incorporates the same trend details like the blouse, merely on a full-length look. Ruffles, fringes, puffed sleeves, as well as intricate collar and shoulder details are attention-grabbing and retaining a female element. Opposingly, the skirts embark on trends of midi and mini lengths, but seem rather clean cut. Through asymmetric silhouettes and flares, especially successful styles are created. For pants, more rigid materials, like leather, raw denims and gabardines are bringing even more shapes. Straight legs, rounded 80’s high waisted styles and slight flares are channeling the bohemian ease of the  Healers & Roots theme. Lastly, accessories and footwear are another crucial factor to pull the hybrid look together. Traditional leather and cowboy boot styles and pre-historic references of fur boots and slides, translate the connection to culture and heritage. For bags and belts, the exploration of embellishments is key. Stones, beading and weaving are introduced to turn staple pieces into best-sellers with a unique feel. 

For more inspiration and information on the season’s key shapes of each category, find your updates on the Trendfeed.