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FW22: Return of the Old Glamour

Balancing Opulent Desires

The two big trends from the previous seasons, the comfort-driven home and lounge-wear stories and the dreamy cottage-core theme, have come to a point of saturation. A vitalized spirit that stimulates the senses directs us to new and exciting futures. As society still tries to manage the global upheaval and consequences of the pandemic, a positive and ready-to conquer mindset has infused the masses. Looking back at previous historic periods, post-crisis, and the lavishness and indulgence that followed the years and months of anxiety and suffering, those flamboyant desires come as no surprise.

While history is repeating itself, a thematic turn towards a nostalgic and luxurious interpretation of glamour is inspiring maximalist shapes, reinventing feminine codes and emerging new historic references. For the fabrics of the upcoming FW22 season this influence translates into the return of old classics. Classics, that symbolize a lavish and extravagant escape into nightlife, culture and seduction. Livetrend has tracked the main fabric trends linked to this resurrection of ancient luxe. Instagram and the past runways have begun to be filled with those materials. Setting up your festive and evening lines for the fall/winter 2022 season it is worth to consider those influences and secure new eye-catching and best-selling styles.

Key Fabrics

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Indulgent Velvet

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Flamboyant Organza

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Opulent Taffeta

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Luminous Silks & Satins

Ready for vintage inspired sensuality

These are the top evening fabrics related to Old Glamour-inspired themes for 2022. These trends have been selected according to Livetrend data gathered and analysed from the FW21 fashion shows.Reworking the archives and getting inspired by the periods that similarly stem from years of crisis is key here. On the top left, you can find the Livetrend Stamp indicating that velvet as a stable trend is going to hit the market, while last winter it was still an edgy trend.

Taffeta and Organza are now interpreted in more youthful ways. Without feeling aged, translating volumes and more experimental shapes enables you to push your evening designs and re-invent the classics. Creating statement styles like dresses, skirts and tops with details that embrace the natural reflection of taffetas’ light is important for new successful products. Rediscovering the lustrous effects of the two materials and their structural drape feels fresh while nodding at the past.

Organza is announced as an edgy trend, because of its smaller visibility, which is linked to its main use for ceremony and party garments. Further, taffetas is comes as an early sign trend, with growing perspective but still more risky properties. The flamboyant fabric quality of taffetas, combined with the use of recycled polyester, corresponds perfectly to the trends of the moment. Through textures such as crinkles and pleats the material also answers well to the high demands of tactile textures.

Satin is maintaining the stable trend classification. It is mainly used for dresses and tops, but can bring unexpectedness  for pants and tailoring and in a full look retains the full effect of the Old Glamour trend effect. The silk-like fabrics allow to lustrously and fluidly enhance the female silhouettes. Similarly, velvets embrace luster and indulgence to rework historic drapes or more contemporary and body-conscious silhouettes.

25 May 2021