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FW22 Prints: Geometrical Psychedelia

Stepping into new dimensions!

Livetrend Technology has tracked an attention-grabbing print trend for FW22. The taste for geometrics has continuously increased over the past seasons. Checks, stripes and overcharged micro patterns have become a success across runways and Social Media by now. As an update for FW22 we can see the idea of hyper-geometrics being pushed even further. Infused with a taste for the 70s, geometrics are already inspired by wallpapers and interiors of the period today. For FW22, the 70s trend is further deconstructed and more fundamental ideas on psychedelic sensations and kaleidoscopic effects are being reinterpreted.

For your FW22 assortments prints should be able to daze us visually and feel like they beam us into new dimensions. The effect of psychedelically designed geometrics transforms and teases our senses and includes ideas on new worlds. Such desires for novelty and new spaces are crucial for FW22 and one o9f the seasons biggest macro-trends. At the same time, those prints have a joyful and quirky notion and add playful twists to your designs. However, well-balanced interpretation that put those hyper-creative prints in more sophisticated contexts off product and shapes are the most convincing and contemporary.

use your kaleidoscope eyes to fuel 70s psychedelia on your graphic assortment. Be guaranteed to create products with high impacts on e-commerce, Social Media and in the stores. Stay informed about other print trends on the Trendfeed to get further inspiration and supporting data.