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FW22 Prints: Fully Furnished

Jacquards of Joy

The trend for feminine florals will return to its high magnitude in the upcoming seasons, as the focus will swift back from current 3D to 2D design. For FW22, the floral theme calls: Regency-core is the new cottage-core!

With a focus on dressing-up and going out this shift is not coming as a surprise. Now, design is pushing the levels of romanticism and nostalgia to a maximum to communicate consumer desires.  Inspiration is predominantly taken from historical interiors with jacquard qualities or floral wall-paper prints. Searches for historic upholstery hav increased by +160% over the past year. As a result, tapestry and brocades are becoming an important source for print-inspiration again.

With an increasing taste for more maximalist styles, shifting away from simplistic styles, the overcharged furnishing florals are hitting the mark. If used on a jacquard, the motif might integrate fanciful yarns for an intensified effect. Add this dreamy print or fabric trend to your assortments for FW22 and create new moments of feminine joy.