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FW22: Print Trends

FW21 season will not be a season for prints as the past runway shows have confirmed. The season is still heavily affected by the pandemic's lack of touch and henceforth puts a more differentiated focus on tactility and texture. However, for FW22, an upheaval for prints can be expected. With the return to social life, consumers will no longer lack touch, but rather try to make an impression from the distance. The large variety of creative sources, linked to new realities, is going to actively inspire prints and graphics for 22/23. Consumers will embrace any opportunity to go out again and on that occasion visually manifest their freshly empowered identities. With macro-trends and influences from nature, the past and the future, a reborn society is going to try to connect, to dream and to explore individuality. These desires and needs are distinctly present in fall/winter print developments and novelties. Let's take a look at the graphical trend directions, which enable you to inspire your new best-seller collections:

Reworked Classics

A trend for academia and more classical styles is continuously driving the taste for preppy and smartened-up looks. For FW22, retro-driven staple styles are coming with a twist. Patchworked prints, faded effects, abstract interpretations of checks and bold color hues are infusing heritage patterns with a fountain of youth. Over-printed checks, whether with florals or other linears can provide an even more expressional direction for those new classics. Consumers are inclined today to buy products that will last over time, more season-less, so there will be a need to rework the great classics, especially as vintage and second-hand markets are set to grow by 20% in 2021, influencing the 2022 aesthetics. Explore your creativity and re-invent the staples for a freshened-up back to school/office aesthetic.

Stine Goya



Proenza Shouler



The Stoneage

The focus on nature and the desire to protect and preserve it has been anchored within society. This new value will remain post-pandemic. Efforts to maintain the positive effects, which lockdowns had on nature is now combined with an interest for its healing qualities. The quest for new forms of spirituality has prints explore crystals, stone surfaces or other naturally occurring formations. For the past season, mineral prints have already increased by +95% and are predicted to safeguard their influence for FW22.







Roaring 20s

Reminiscent of the Roaring 20s, a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge, prints are going to certainly adapt accordingly. Art Deco, as one of the most influential artistic directions of the time, is offering extensive inspiration here. Graphic prints have grown by +41% during FW21 and support the development of this upcoming trend. You can re-invent your all-over graphics with a distinct-Art Deco edge, deprived from architecture and interiors, or use the era's stylistic language to inform placed prints. Capturing the spirit of this indulgence-driven time will add a much needed pop-luxe feel and a ray of hope to the upcoming recession time.

Isabel Marant


Lack of Color

Giorgio Armani



Art Retreat

Several factors have spiked consumer's creativity and interests in art over the lockdowns. Those elements may include consumers seeking for diy and craft projects to stay entertained or merely as a coping strategy. Such interests in abstraction and self-expression have cautiously tapped on the scene of print designs on the past runways. Arty prints have grown by +10% from FW20 to FW21. The taste for hand-painted effects is expected to continuously grow. As a substantial group of hesitant consumers is looking for long-lasting and elevated pieces now, subtle art details can elevate basic pieces. More minimally placed prints in brushstroke effects can be equally as effective as their all-over counterpart. It seems like the placement of minimal lines and shapes is drawing even more attention to a piece and fully exploiting the premium effect of minimal design.





Paloma Wool


Forrest Treasures

Seeking refuge in the outdoors will be a core driver for FW22. In terms of prints, this story plays out with an almost biomimicry feel. Submerging into nature is taken more literally now. Forrest and plant inspired designs, from hyperreal to abstract, offer a fresh take on camouflages for thee season. Some prints transform natural elements into non-print designs. Non-prints include everything that is difficult to put in a specific category, yet creates a visibly structured effect. Such patterns go hand-in hand with the search for tactility, as they exploit the effects of 2D surfaces to a maximum and generate an optical 3D effect.





Baum & Pferdgarten

Beautiful People

Groovy Times

Joyful Retro is the latest trend, especially in print design. 70s florals have augmented by +40% on collection assortments for the season and the latest runways have confirmed the trend for retro-inspired hyper-geometrics with a +38% growth rate, FW21 compared to FW20. As an update for the look, FW22 will exploit the archives even further and embrace quirky 60s/70s interiors as a main source of inspiration. Psychedelic structures, freshly embedded geometrics, 3D visuals and optical illusions are setting the tone for the updates. Florals are becoming more abstract and more graphical as well, seemingly trespassing the line between floral and geometric designs.

Jaded London


Stella McCartney




Artisanal Ancestry

Healing is the uniting force for FW22. After a period of crisis, purpose, hope and identity need to be rediscovered and restored. As a means of reassurance and inspiration, consumers are consulting the past and ancestral knowledge to inform the future and discover new purpose. Creativity is at the forefront here, so it comes as no surprise, that art is consulted as a main source of inspiration. Literal transfers of drawings, etchings and oil-painted sceneries turn garments into pieces of art as well. This trend is a great opportunity to exploit themes of myth and phantasy, which are forecasted to heavily inspire the consumers of FW22.

Louis Vuitton

Undercover Lab


Alexander McQueen

Lee Jeans

Off White

Healing Nomads

A rise in spirituality and more nomadic lifestyles has launched the development of a new community. Culture and heritage are to be preserve, localism is favored and primal art is rediscovered. With the power of nature and culture, a more earth-bound print-trend embraces strong graphic languages. Therefore, it is based on long-held traditions. The result is a new boho-style. Bohemian and nomad aesthetics will feel appropriate in a world that rediscovers travel and seeks to reconnect culturally. Ethnic all-overs, inspired by ancient heritage and folkloric textiles are key here. This trend is further updated for FW22 with more experimental linear designs, which lead to a more sophisticated look or evoke the idea of wilderness and animalia.

Ulla Johnson

Isabel Marant

Chufy x Mango

Children of Disordance


Johanna Ortiz


Furnishing and overcharged florals are on the rise again. The saturation of the cottage-core trend had previously resulted in a slight decrease of florals, but the emerging regency-core is bringing them all back. As opulent as ever. Driven by interior jacquard, brocade and tapestry this trend is offering major potential for evening and festive styles. Those flamboyantly romantic floral prints are able to grab attention online, on e-commerce websites and on social media. Similarly, these prints are going to resonate in reality as well. Darker palettes with bold color hues make this trend Fall/Winter appropriate and add a gloomy historical twist to evening styles. Be bold, overcharge and embrace a consumer seeking for decadence.


Acne Studios

Isabel Marant


Yuhan Wang

Dries van Noten

Back to Y2K

Seeking to target a younger client, Gen-Z and Millenial, it is perennial to consider the rising tastes for the early 2000s. The not-so-far-away-era seemingly embodies anything that society is currently striving for: party, celebration, music, sexiness, pleasure and a sense of rebellion. The ``I don't care`` attitude will lead this trend and is going to resurface some of the tacky 2000s prints, which were buried more than a decade ago. Here we are again: Animalia has already impacted the FW21 runways with a visibility of 171 looks and remains a staple for FW22 too. Snakeskin, cheetah and zebra prints are the most important animal patterns and especially edgy when used in colored adaptions. Psychedelic-rave patterns, which maintain a distinctly digital edge, have entered the scene rapidly last season, presenting a growth rate of +150%. Such digital marbles and other blurred or neon graphics are elemental for this trend as well. Lastly, roses, hearts and strass celebrate the most tacky memories of the era and return reluctant smiles to people's faces.





Paloma Wool

Saks Pott

Virtual Garden

The new meta-verse, a hybrid space between technology and nature, enforces one of the main trends for FW22. For the seasons ahead, prints will be expected to resonate the enhancement of life through technologies. Innovation and technologies are now seen to expand our horizons, liberate imaginations and improve instead of decrease our humanity and nature. Enhancing life and incorporating nature in a virtual sphere results in phantasmagoric and digital garden and floral prints for FW22. This direction comes along the aesthetic taste of the pandemic, which is way more digital-centered. The trend seems rather edgy at first, as prints are able to exploit all levels of imagination. Used in a more subtle way, through the integration of dark backgrounds or moderately hyperreal effects of the flowers, the pattern is made appropriate for more commercial styles. Certainly such commercial interpretations will maintain the unique and digital edge of this story and make consumers feel virtually empowered as well.

Luce Studios


Stine Goya




Statement prints to make a stand!

Those are the newest trend directions for FW22, based on the Livetrend Forecasting Methodology. These prints depict current consumer sentiments. You can find an overview of all FW22 macro-trends and consumers  HERE.

As you could see, some of the trend themes, including the 70s, geometrics, marbles and bohemian styles are experiencing some interesting updates and inherit more depth and meaning for FW22. On the other hand, there are some interesting novelties for the season as well. Such emerging trends  include the Roaring 20s inspired ARt-Deco patterns, depictions of art-history and ancient wisdom, opulent furnishing florals and meta-verse gardens. Choose the trend, which are the most relevant for your planned drops and feel empowered  to design new statement pieces with eye-catching potential. Stay updated with more detailed print reports and extra inspirational imagery on the Trendfeed.