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FW22 Macrotrend: Refuge

For FW22, society is turning healing into a habit. People are seeking to create new spaces for contemplation and calm. They are on a quest for new sources of power, strength and harmony, which aid to recover from the crisis and enable them to find a new balance. To many, the pandemic manifested that something was missing from our lives - a deeper connection and an inner peace. Now, consumers are trying to balance their work-life-ratio, redefine the living-space and find inner clarity. A re-evaluated, more connected way of life has emerged. The desire to redefine and intensify rituals, ranging from social gatherings to self-care, is highlighting how consumers are trying to intensify the purpose of things and events to practice more mindfulness. Physical and mental health have become an essential element within the new set of consumer attitudes. Refuge as a macro sentiment is boosting people's (spiritual) health and tries to generate inner and outer strength. A power, which is needed for a period of reset, towards a new tomorrow.

While some consumers look towards technology and innovation to find their calm, others are trying to embrace the powers of nature and ancestral knowledge. THE HEALER is focused on finding meaning and essence within a more holistic world. Inspired by a combination of nature's healing powers, as well as myth and spirituality, he seeks for a symbiotic relationship of mind-body-planet. This consumer is lead by his sensibility and curiosity. He considers alternative sources of energy like crystals, raw materials and traditional meditation and breathing techniques. On the contrary, but still following the same pursuit of harmony and peace, the ZEN-SEEKER is searching for serenity in progress. The Zen-Seeker is striving for innovative products that bridge between tech and nature and embrace a modern hybrid-life. At its best, new products should incorporate life-enhancing qualities to offer maximum ease for body and soul. This consumer focuses on self-improvement and relies on the integration of new technologies to reach the highest form of the self.

Trend Directions: The Healer

The HEALER consumer can be translated into the trend concept „Beyond the Horizon“. A search for inner-peace and a balanced life within nature. This quest is a simple reaction to anxiety and uncertainty which have been linked to the pandemic. The idea of living peacefully on the planet and of re-establishing meaning and purpose, results in a turn towards natural energy sources. Those sources include stones, plants and light. At the same time, ancient myth and knowledge, in form of astrology, tarot, witchcraft and alchemist rituals are also considered to understand the self and enhance life by this consumer. Consequently, the mood is trying to incorporate the feeling of a more organic way of life and enrich it with the gloomy mystery of nature.

Key Looks

In terms of styles, layering is key. Silhouettes embrace exaggerated lengths to translate the idea of comfort and refuge. Sheers are inspired by the concept of the mind’s clarity, as equally by the blurriness of mythical escapes. The trend is dipped into a sedimental palette of natural shades and warm browns. A gloomy and mysterious edge is added via solar color hues. Nature-inspired sourcing, including fur and leather qualities, translates the focus on more primal aesthetics. Overall, a rather artisanal aesthetic is adding a feeling of handmade and sustainable thinking, which depicts the core ideas of the Healer. Marbled, almost spontaneous prints and dies, adapted in soft gradations, evoke the idea of rustic yet magical outdoors themes. This concept is ideal to transition from late summer into winter period. It offers versatility through layering and the muted color-story, that embraces the warm harvest-feel, proposes trans-seasonal qualities moving from summer into fall wardrobes.


Gabriela Hearst

Peet Dulleart

The Attico


Acne Studios


Ulla Johnson



Trend Directions: The Zen-Seeker

While nature can provide the anchor for grounding and refuge after a crisis, technology proposes similar qualities that promise to increase and benefit the quality of life. For the ZEN-SEEKER consumer the promise of technology is offering guidance. Set in a rather clinical universe, the Zen-Seeker tries to enhance his daily life, precisely adapted to new lifestyles. A futurist approach that is combining health-boosting elements with clear and profound solutions. Within this balance the Zen-Seeker opens the path towards a more unified tomorrow - „ A better new“. Such a focus on universal prosperity, mental clarity and serenity is trying to calm our over-stimulated senses and simultaneously offer healing. As a result, a futuristic and retreat-like mood emerges. Since the Zen-Seeker has developed a generally optimistic mindset towards innovation he now sees technology as a new savior. Hence, the mood becomes slightly surreal. This feeling of oddness stems from the opposition of sleek high-tech elements and the integration of soft, almost cozy elements. Not to forget, this innovation-driven concept incorporates the genuine commitment to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Key Looks

In Design Interpretations, the harmonious symbiosis of cozy technology is balanced on a subtle and nuanced color-palette . The color-harmony includes soothing neutrals and pastel tones. However, aiming for a more contemporary look, the palette is ignited by futuristic and digital hues. Considering new key products, comfort is still put at the core of every garment, suiting the idea of a mental and physical retreat. The healing-character of on-going loungewear-influences is updated through a more uniformal look. This uniform embraces tailoring elements, body-shaping knits, monochromatic color ways and matching sets. Through the addition of hardware details, the innovation-related keywords of functionality and practicality can be further translated into design. For textiles, sheers and sleek surfaces mean a futuristic and extra-terrestrial nod. Opposed to those light and airy materials, more textured qualities (quilting, fuzzy yarns, textures) offer a sense of comfort and step into providing the cocooning qualities needed for recovery.

Heliot Emil

Acne Studios




The Source Unknown

Cult Gaia


Malene Birger


A better self.

With healing at the center, the world seems focused on transforming, not only each individual, but the entire society in to a better version stepping into the future. New meaning and a strong-drive for harmony are accelerating this trend. Get empowered by Livetrend Data and Inspiration and take a look at the other FW22 consumer macro-trends related reports on the Trendfeed. You can find an overview HERE.

29 November 2021