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FW22: Key Bags

FW22 will celebrate the return of handbags. The accessory had been missed during lockdowns spend indoors over the past one and a half years. Now, the customer will begin to invest in safe, everyday and multifunctional pieces. From the office to the home office and vice versa – this new routine will lead to capacious, solid and minimalist bags. In fact, shapes for basics are becoming more sober but sharper in their execution. Aiming for a more pure and essential design, the new styles are largely inspired by geometric shapes. For statement pieces and more creative designs, angular shapes can be pushed into innovative and conceptual territories, following the approaches of brands like Coperni and Bottega Veneta.

Apart from that, the functional-casual trend is going to extend in form of continue new modular shapes. Those new styles can be worn individually or added to existing products as an added-value element. This concept of having  multiple bags within one purchased item will have customers eager to spend.
The mini-bag can be worn cross-body or around the neck as a necklace, turning it into more of a jewelry product than a bag. Nevertheless, the nano-bag includes functionality as well. it may serve as a card and cell phone holder, or simply a mini lipstick vanity case.

Another FW22 trend, 2000s-inspired Hobo shapes, will continue to grow and spread to a wider audience for the upcoming seasons. The predicted growth is confirming the bag’s commercial potential. The visibility of this shape, associated with brands like Gucci and Prada, has increased on Instagram by 350% in the past year, thanks to re-editions of Prada’s 2000s nylon bag etc. The appeal of this style has remained the highest in the States and Asia, especially China, and amongst a rather young target audience, under 30. For FW22, however, thee style will not fail to invade European markets.

Lastly, party bags are a trend not to miss for FW22. The boom in social life, the return to nightlife, ceremonies and parties, will certainly demand for new playful, joyful and unfailing accessory. From pearls and beads, dear to Gen-Z, to metallic leather and rhinestone embellishments, the party bag celebrates a highly distinctive look. Retro inspirations, taken from the roaring 20’s, include chains and metallic or rhinestone fringes and are similarly seeking to embellish these handbags.

Key Shapes

Office to weekend Totes

Customers are looking for functional, all-occasion accessories. Bags should be designed with a less-but-better, rather practical approach. Now, casual meets functional and shapes need to be big, more essential and sharper. The trend of oversized bags was peaking in summer 2020, but due to the corona virus, this trend could not be commercially exploited. For FW22 it will surely have an echo, when lives will return to normal and the desire to travel will finally be fulfilled. With those expectation of a normal life, the office-ready totes and weekend bags should be included in assortments. Credits : Sunnei, Ulla Johnson, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Proenza Schouler, 16Arlington, Prada, Balmain, Balenciaga, Tods.

Utility Modular Bag

Pushing functionality further, a key piece for FW22 will be the Modular Bag. Needing more space to hold different objects, the bags are designed to create new functional spaces. Such styles might build on retro-inspirations, like school bags as seen at Etro and Maxmara, or can be more fashionable and cutting-edge as found in Louis Vuitton or Versace. The added pockets, conceived as separate elements, can simultaneously work as individual accessories. On their own, nano-bags might serve as coin purses, card-holder etc. To the consumer it seems like buying several bags in one.

Y2K Hobo Bag

With the great return of 2000s shapes, the hobo bag is not to be missed. Prada, a step ahead, has already proposed the rigid XL shape of its famous Y2K version. Now, numerous brands are following this trend and propose their versions on Instagram. For FW22, new variants of this U-shape style play with new materials and details. Credits: Prada, The Row, Tods, Bottega Veneta, Valentino (bottom): Coperni, GCDS, N21, Versace, Balmain, MiuMiu.

The Necklace Bag

For winter 2022, mini-bags will transform into necklaces. In doing so, they allow consumers to carry fetish or practical items, which they do not want to part with. Th statement pieces might serve in a daytime office version in forms of card and cell phone holders and as night-time interpretations for lipstick and IDs. Image credits: Gabriela Hearst, Zara, Hermes, Jacquemus, Staud.

The Geometric Bag

First seen during the SS21 runways, angular bags were starting as an early signal trend with a +411% growth index. Minimalistic design, inspired by new edgy shapes, had surfaced the Balenciaga Hourglass and Givenchy Cut Out bags. Now, the trend is spreading for FW22. In line with pure and sharp designs, geometric outlines are designing new shapes, this time less angular than before. For inspiration, have a look at emerging designers such as MLouye (last picture right).

The Box Bag

consumers and designers are not trying to part from the best-selling product. For novelty, a more minimalistic approach is going to be followed. More trendy now, moving creativity on details as handles and straps. Image credits: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Valentino, Givenchy, The Kooples, Alyx.

The Bucket Bag

The first bucket bag to appear was presented in 193, when Gaston-Louis Vuitton created the Noé as a utilitarian bag to carry champagne without breaking the bottles. The reinforced base was designed to hold five bottles while the drawstring closure cinched the bottles together so they wouldn't rattle around. Fast forward to 2021, the love for the bucket bag is still going strong. It's become a staple piece within the fashion cycle. Credits: Staud, Ghaida, Louis Vuitton Sandro, Valentino.

The Party Bag

While some people may still have doubts that the approaching FW21 season will be a time of parties and social life, surely FW22 will be the time to go out again. The party bag has been renewed by consumers over the past 3 or 4 seasons, while lacking the matching occasions. Now will be the right time to up the investment win evening-bags within your assortment. With inclining opulence and dressiness, everything will be allowed. The aim of this piece is to be as maximalist and visual as possible. Push creativity and consider metallic leathers, ceramics, porcelain, mesh, rhinestones, pearls and beads. Credits: Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, MiuMiu, Simone Rocha, Staud.

The Antique Purse

Another trend that was showing early signs during FW20 fashion shows, is the antique-inspired hook-closure purse. The style is applied to rather soft shapes, ranging from pouches to clutch bags. With a huge spike in the regency-core trend, the historic piece will become crucial for 2022 and present variations for day and evening occasions. Image Credits: Coach, Erdem, Shrimps, Max Mara, Zimmermann.

Rational functionality versus Irrational dazzling

These are the emerging bag shapes and trends for FW22. With the expectation of normal life, going to work or escape for a weekend, the assortment needs to be prepared with all the necessary products. The utility bags, office ready totes, weekend bags are just some of the staples to be incorporated in the assortments. For statement and sleek styles, that can boost your ranges, the squared shapes, large and capacious bags can be considered as other leitmotifs.

With occasion-wear back in our lives, flamboyant Clutches and Mini-bags are going to be best-sellers to drive your creativity. Be bold with those pieces.

Take a look at the FW22 Bags: Materials & Details report next week to have full clear vision of the trend forecasting for FW22 bags. Stay tuned on the TrendFeed to reach Instagram or Retail updates to stay ahead of the trends and monitor their evolution.