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FW22 Junior Trend: Girl Group

Girl Group is a FW22 trendstory for Junior and Kids collections. The #y2k style is a current highlight across social media channels, with TikTok measuring 2.1bn views of the hashtag already. At the moment, the trend is especially popular across Generation-Z and teenage consumer groups. However, the look can easily be transferred to young girls’ collections as well. Aesthetically, the influence of the early 2000s results in a revival of bubblegum pink and baby rosé. Combined with shades of Lolita-reds, this color harmony is crucial for collections related to the theme. The palette can be balanced with deeper shades, such as burgundy, dark denim, khaki or even beige. Print stories range from cheetah styles and holograms to  classical checks, which are especially impactful in statement colors. Sassy slogans,  dazzling embellishments or patches of digital or comic graphics are key to enhance the look of placed prints and designs.

There are several highlight pieces, which should not be missed when trying to authentically translate the early 2000s aesthetic. Those must-haves include cardigans and coats with furry collars and cuffs, denim sets, pleated mini-skirts, velvet sweater sets and tops with girly graphics. To translate these ideas into product, fur, denim, velvet and leather are the go-to materials. Take a look at the inspirational image gallery and begin to work on the nostalgic theme:

Key Styles

Turning Tacky into Trendy

As shown within the imagery, the trend story Girl Group is making little girls’ dreams of sparkles, pink color ranges and fanciful finishes come true. However, while this style is depicting young girl’s phantasies it also guarantees to resonate with teenagers and even adults. The initial resentment towards the seemingly “tacky” looks of the past is beginning to give way to positive reminiscence to the joyful and energetic period of the 2000s. Due to the multi-generational aspect, the theme presents the perfect choice to create a generation-fluid collection drop and address a wide array of clients, with a focus. on family and community.

Get your dazzle on and embrace the #y2k style for your junior range to create statement pieces with big sell-out potential.


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