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FW22 Junior Trend: Book Club

The Book Club is a FW22 trendstory for Junior and Kids collections. While #backtoschool styles are a yearly staple for kids collections. The lack of physical school experiences during the pandemic has increased the importance of returning to the classrooms. Finally, kids are able to embrace the experiences of school days again. The reminiscence of school lunches with friends, of playing tricks in the classroom and of laughing in the library have resurfaced retro themes.  Facing the digital reality of the educational system, it seems almost poetic to think about the non-digital, carefree days of the past. As a result, this trend embraces not only concepts of traditional school uniforms and preppy countryside looks, but also includes more casual varsity and street elements. The symbiosis of those two influences surfaces a dress code for the smartened-up cool kids of tomorrow. 

The color palette represents the easy intellectualism. Grounding shades include beige, khaki and a saturated harvest yellow. More quirky and joyful hues are introduced with FW22 trend colors of lilac, red and a digital blue. For this trend direction, the core pieces to consider are bomber jackets, trenches, varsity sweaters and knits as well as checked tailoring or pleated mini skirt styles. Badges and Flocking will be a key embellishment for the collegiate look. At the same time, adding preppy trims like statement buttons or contrasting stripes will be crucial to introduce a classical feel. While traditional classics are shaping the silhouettes, the coloring and finishing are bringing novelty.. Sustaining a touch of casual and rebellion is loosening up the stiff styles of the past and making sure that corona-comfort is sustained for juniors. 

Key Styles

Academic Prep for FW22

As shown within the imagery, reworked checks are a main ingredient for new statement pieces. Such reworked prints are generated through irregular weaves, layering different checked prints, including faded effects and lines for digital effects or by overprinted checked designs. While the innovation of such classic patterns is a core element, introducing more youthful textiles in general is important to boost the collection palette. In that case, metallics, rough finishes or shiny coatings can add twists and newness here. For knitwear, reworked varsity and cable-knit styles are proposing novelty to traditional staples, while polo-collars and zippers can be reintroduced to contemporary slim-fit styles for extra retro hues as well. A big focus is put on outerwear within this trend. It is one of the main product categories within this story and embraces long staples, such as leather coats and trenches. Apart from that, shorter styles and cropped looks, including printed puffers and collegiate styles are sustaining the young character of collections. As a highlight, joyful interpretations of the vest are an option which may include grandpa styles or exaggerated puffs. As tailoring is a core ingredient of classic and smart wardrobes, it is highly important for the theme. Related shapes for tailoring are fusing casual looks from the pandemic with preppy 70s flares. The result is a prepped-up contemporary silhouette. Similarly trousers are enhanced with a feminine, yet laid-back assortment as well. Lastly, skirts are gaining importance again and take a focus on mini and midi—length styles. The midi-denim skirt is especially representative for this trend theme.

For more inspiration and information on the season’s key shapes of each category, find your updates on the Trendfeed.