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FW22: Key Jackets

By analyzing the magnitude and evolution of outerwear trends on Instagram and Fashion Shows, Livetrend has uncovered the top products for FW22 and classified their relevance.

Easy statement pieces are setting the guidelines for FW22 jackets.

With consumers uncompromisingly demanding for comfort and functionality, a renewed versatility is introduced to products. Oversized shapes and cocooning silhouettes maintain protective notions, while a more dressed and fashionable element is added to these new styles. After a winter-season spent indoors, consumers are seeking to showcase their new outdoor favorites. As a result, versatility is also demanded when it comes to wearing the pieces equally from indoors to outdoors. Take a look at the FW22 core styles and get your assortments ready!

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The New Must-Haves

The Hyper-Volume Puffer

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The Ski-Resort Story, as embraced by designers like MiuMiu and Eudon Choi for FW21, is seeking to bring the slopes to the city. Voluminous puffer styles are played out in different interpretations to capture the look. This piece is especially trendy in a cropped length, which results in a more compact and stylized effect. The big puffer jacket is adding a feel of youth and playfulness to outerwear ranges and innovate to a more exaggerated volume effect. The FW shows have shown a +25% growth index for puffer styles and make it a safe bet for the next season.

The Bomber

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Academia is not dead. After the pandemic, which has drastically impacted the educational sector, students are going to embrace their status and continue their quest for scholastic and smartened-up looks. To consumers, the idea of returning to the libraries (offices), should represent this intellectually preppy spirit. For Jackets, Varsity and Bomber Styles are going to best interpret those desires. These products have already manifested their impactful return on the past catwalks with a +57% increase rate and visibility of 74 outfits. For FW22, being able to capture the tastes for thrifted and vintage finds of Millenials and Gen-Z can be achieved via a slightly worn and oversized feel. Keep the commercial potential high with functionality-driven pocket details and logo-embedded patches or details. A more versatile aesthetics that can be worn during night and day equally will be key.

The Nylon Workwear Style

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A new emerging, still rather edgy, trend is increasing across fashion markets: Workwear Nylon Jackets. The hyper-utilitarian look, which is already boosting across menswear ranges at the moment, is beginning to infiltrate the womenswear market as well. Balancing masculine and feminine styles, the fashionable piece is celebrating new ideas on female empowerment and gender neutrality. At the same time, the sleek and futuristic materiality of this product is feeding into the FW22 macro-trends regarding the new hybrid worlds between nature and tech. If you are seeking to test a more edgy look, this style is the way to go for the upcoming seasons.

The Outdoor Vest

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The return of the outdoors-vest is coming along a manifested interest in exploring nature and spending time outside. Ideal for transitional periods, like autumn and spring, the vest can be used for layering looks or as an independent statement item. Aside from the previously mentioned explorer mentality that exploits the item's utilitarian usage, the vest is a piece to add a fashionable twist to a look. Shearling styles resonate nomad aesthetics, while more minimally quilted styles evoke a very premium feel. Overall you can add an element of storytelling and styling to your assortments with the vest and design new fashionable favorites.

The Fuzzy Style

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The Textured Jacket is going to remain a stable style for FW22. The past runways have showcased how designers translated the demand for hyper-tactility via textured (+11% growth) and furry materials (+35% growth). Similarly fleece was used and had shown a +36% growth on the runways. Now, with consumers seeking for more fanciful styles, this product is going to building a bridge between comfort and fashionability. Commercial interpretations might opt for less furry fabric qualities and more subtly nuanced palettes, while flamboyant and dressy styles can embrace a bolder and indulgent color palette, as well as more maximalist textures.

The Shacket

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Shaket Styles have been around for a few seasons now. As FW22 will bring people back to the offices, consumers will have an increased need for commuter-friendly, casual business attire The shirt-jacket combination is the ideal piece to update classical tailored blazers in this case. As the put-together name itself suggests, the product embeds versatile properties. But beside the wide possibilities of occasions to wear the shacket, it can take on very different aesthetics as well. The look can vary from utility and sporty styles to very minimal and stylized pieces that resonate a sense of sophistication. A stable product for FW22, that is supported by its big magnitude and recent growth rate of +49%.

The Cropped Perfecto

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The trend for (fake) leather has not decreased, but maintains its momentum. 655 leather styles were tracked by the Livetrend Technology on the past runway season. Consequently, an updated leather jacket will become key. A trip to the thrift and a look at the archives can be useful to inspire the updated must-have leather style. A boxy boyfriend silhouette is especially popular along the most fashionable, as it embeds a more rebellious twist. This sense of subversion and empowerment can be traced back to consumer emotions of self-sufficiency and activism, which come as a reaction to powerlessness and fatigue regarding the crisis. Enhance your ranges with this bold product and induce a rebellious 80s feel to your product story.

The Reworked Shearling Style

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Shearling styles have been featured in over 158 looks during the FW21 shows and increased by +38% compared to the year before. Across Social Media the taste for shearling pieces has also proven to have a rather extensive magnitude and high commercial potential. For jackets, cropped and slightly reworked styles, mainly with a slouchy fit, are considered as the most fashionable. In this case, the more cuts, the more shearling elements are becoming visible and the more the trend is able to resonate. Include such reworked-seams to embrace the unique shearling aesthetic. Overall, retro hues, connected to the garment, are celebrating consumers nostalgic desires and resonate a vintage look.

Transforming Tastes and Staple Styles

Those are the top jackets for FW22 according to Livetrend Technology. Some of those trends manifest developments of previous seasons, such as the fuzzy style, bomber, puffer or shacket. Those pieces may now adapt to the real return of social life and inhabit more dressy looks.

Real product novelties can be added via vests, boxy leather styles and new nylon workwear pieces. As millennial vintage shopping habits are transforming tastes and retail, authenticity and a slightly worn looks are becoming key staples for the leather and shearling styles.

However, the worn and more purposeful trend should be counterbalanced with an assortment of social-driven looks that can be worn on occasion as well.

To fully understand the classification of each trend, take a look at the explanations on the right. The trend stamp will help you guide your decisions and take the right directions for FW22.