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FW22: Intimates Festive Trends

Gathering up again

It is the time of the year again that department store windows are turning into stories of joy and billboards become a canvas for holiday charms and family gatherings. After missing out on social and family time during the pandemic, the ability to attend events again lifts the stakes for festive collections. Their importance to convey diverse consumer sentiments and value shifts is essential. As a noticeable shift in holiday communication has taken place, the festive drop needs to move on from its slightly dusted obligatory duty. The integration of augmented and virtual reality is driving digital worlds for shopping and animations, as seen in the recent Ferragamo gift store, or creates imaginative wintery landscapes in short films, such as the snowy LA of Prada has demonstrated.

Such a virtual realm has begun to infused design concepts stylistically as well. A metaverse twist adds a sense of futuristic sci-fi and surreal dreamlands, while more casual attire is sought-after to feel more authentic. As keywords like heritage and nostalgia are all about unleashing a feeling of togetherness, a wast majority of campaigns still sets on uplifting party stories.  including decadent dinner parties and fun parades. There are new uplifting party influences as well, stemming from the current 2000s-mania and the royal core trend. Find new relevant festive trends below:

Intimate Festive Concepts


Metachristmas is here. It is the topic of the year: The metaverse. The bridge between reality and virtual realities that provides us with a new alternative space. This seemingly surreal setting offers a fresh starting point to festive collections, that commonly seem rather repetitive. Adding a futuristic and extraterrestrial note, Metachristmas is telling a more innovative and dreamy holiday story. With contemporary and slight odd take on festive metallics and shine, an iridescent touch and sense of gloom is added to collections. Staples include metallic outerwear, transparent layers and a rather minimal and serene silhouette. The look feels contemporary and sleek, while going for a powerful message.

Playful Parade

It's time for a Christmas parade again and everyone is invited. As the aesthetic universe of consumers is broadening and more maximalist and individualistic styles are more widely celebrated, classy parade styles feel more fitting than ever. The traditional celebration is reimagined and translates into a mix of enchanting-colors, sparkles and joyful trims. The trend projects the feeling of spontaneity, celebration and joy. As all of those elements strongly resonate with current consumers, the concept of quirky parades is able to unleash the retained holiday spark of the previous season, therefore doubling up on fun and glam. This design direction for the holidays grasps onto important value changes concerning inclusivity and the appreciation of diversity. Feathers, sequins and creative accessoires are key for a gender-blender look.

Girls Club

Y2K is all around and so is Christmas. Reminiscent of our favorite romcom Girls Club, this design concept builds strongly on the the current interests in the millennial period. With a favor for pinks, in all of its shades, and a taste for over bedazzled glitz, this trend direction resonates a maximum of girlies. Going for the bling is key here and adding that distinct barbie note is aspired rather than averted. Tacky-doomed styles of the past are returning in full force and capture undeniable fun and ease. This aesthetic is addressing consumers that want to take their teenage phantasies to a next level and escape reality. The look is cites club wear and posh elements equally to make women feel sexy again. Mini silhouettes, rhinestones, crops and jerseys are key for this trend.

An Aristocrat's Dinner

Party guests are invited to the most lavish dinners again. Reminiscent of aristocrat gatherings, a luxurious feel is added to collections. Consumers are seeking to bring the red carpet to their own lives and this elegant Christmas concept is the way to go. With indulgent colors of jewels and crystals and materials that talk occasion like no other, the slightly over-the-top aesthetic resonates with a ready-to-impress audience. long gloves are essential, especially combined with off-the shoulder dresses, longer and fitted lines, tailoring elements and muted color-palettes are creating an invites-only dress code for 2022.

Midwinter Tales

It is the tale of estranged beauty from the north-pole. Midwinter tales tell poetic and feminine stories of a nordic fairytales and ignite our capacity to dream and phantasize. For this trend, the cottage and regency movements are fusing together and merge into a beautifully phantasmagoric design concept. Icey color palettes are supported by crystals and shimmers, yet balanced with a sense for softness. Such softness is created by light and fluid fabrics and fluffy full-volume silhouettes including pouffy sleeve. The tendency for textures in form of brushed yarns and soft (fake) furs enhances the lightness and plush even further.

Festive Slopes

The holidays on the slopes, a classic family tradition that a broad number of clients is awaiting. For a vast majority of clients, spending the holiday weekends together in the mountains and in the snow is crucial and demands for appropriate clothing each year. This season, retro-resort inspired themes are retaining their relevance and are accompanied by nostalgic sports influences of the 80s. The retro trend adds a joyful and ironic twist to sports- and recovery-wear. The active looks are able to connect families and offer potentials for cross-generation collections.

Home for the Holidays

The drastic value shift of 20/21 had consumers recognize once more that family is one of the most stable haven within our lives. Family provides us with reassurance and comfort, which are much needed during times of crisis. The desire for belonging and togetherness is essential today. The feeling of being at home, feeling protected and free, is surfacing a suburban and tacky hometown design that is reminiscent of our favorite holiday movie classics. From now indispensable loungewear attire to classic Christmas sweaters and matching family sets, the story proposes looks that feel appropriate for a loving Christmas weekend. The look is ideal for Christmas mornings, cookie baking and for tree decorating. Therefore it builds on classic checks, knitwear, green combined with red, shearling trims and nordic motifs.

Christmas Caravaning

Cabin core reflects the latest evolution of the cottage core trend. With a more rustic and humble look, it is inspired by nomadic and bohemian themes that ground on life on the countryside. For consumers that value mindfulness and togetherness, keywords such as heritage and tradition are essential and provide a sense of familiarity. Within this design story a mix and match approach is key. Patchworks with color and pattern clashes, similarly to thrift and second-hand aesthetics, remain important for such a Cabin Christmas. During a time of the year, where our consumerist and destructive culture reaches its peak, this toned-down story feels counter-intuitive yet reflective of the zeitgeist. Raising awareness and returning to essentials provides a deep sense of warmth during the holidays. With organic cottons and wools a sense of sustainability can be integrated into new garments. Corduroy, paisleys and checks, as well as handmade knits and crochet are also able to translate the humble holiday story and provide consumers with a charmed mood.

Of old and new tradition

During periods of crisis and change, consumers are collaboratively seeking for stability. Holding on to tradition and nostalgia can be essential to sooth people and provide them with a sense of steadiness. The holidays can be a season of joy, but they similarly surface global and societal issues year after year again. Trying to forget and focusing on positivity leads to eccentric and party-focused styles that explore their glitzy limits this year. At the same time, comfort and togetherness are adding a range of casual and daywear pieces to festive  assortments. Holiday collections are not just about the fancy nights out, but equally about sharing and about time that people spend together.

Make sure to balance your festive drops with elements for each of the holiday moments. Comfort and party should be equally covered and new peer-groups, as well as inclusive identities and concepts should be focused on. Reflect your brand values within the drop that creates brand loyalty and spreads your identity from one client to the next. Check our benchmarking for more information on the must-haves of the season.

2 January 2022