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FW22: Colors

FW22 develops a sixths sense for colors!

The next FW 22/23 season will need to design for complex emotion. Embracing NEW HORIZONS in a period of reset that demands us to explore, dream and connect is going to become a crucial factor. With regenerated strength we are moving into more fertile and dynamic territories and encourage radical reforms. A heightened freedom of expression results in hybrid aesthetics, which balance opposing elements like action and reflection, leveraging community while celebrating individuality, submerging into digital worlds while continuously learning to appreciating the real.

How are colors able to capture such differentiated feelings within the next season?

The main senses have been constricted for an extended period now and as a result a feeling of senselessness, both figuratively and literally, has crawled into our lives. To tackle the restriction of vision, which has become all digital, colors are embracing a digitally enhanced and boosting effect that transcends through the displays. At the same time a focus on reflection and mindfulness introduces a more serene and unified interpretation of color palettes. The unifier of such opposing nuances might be nature. The concept of a new meta verse seems to also impact and inform design for FW22. A symbiosis that inspires dreams and digital hues in a balanced yet boosting manner and provides an anchor within a post-crisis setting.

Light Colors

Serene Pastels

Pastels are infused with a more humble and sophisticated look for FW22. The more timeless appeal is generated through a more pigmented and somber interpretation of color. Compared to previous seasons the nuances seem to remain closer to nature's authentic inspiration. Stones, sediments, clays and minerals have maximal guiding qualities for the sourcing of FW22 pastel tones. Embracing the unique and diversified natural pastels will also help to translate messages on sustainability, mindfulness and self-care.

New Age Gray

According to Livetrend data, Gray already had big visibility on the past runways, representing 6% of color assortment. It is becoming an even more compelling color choice for FW22. A more warm and varied palette of Grays is embracing the aesthetics of nature-informed shades and the grey-tinted image of a futurist tomorrow. With a taste for layering, gradient effects and sheers, new harmonious looks can be created by combining several nuances from the subtle gray spectrum.

Universal Purple

Lilac has been a color highlight for the past seasons and even for FW22 it will continue to evolve. For the next season it will surface an even broader color-range of purples and lilac shades as highlight colors. While Lilacs are maintaining their digital edge, they can be played in more rose or blue tinted variations for the next season. It depends on whether you desire a more digital or nostalgic effect. The extension of purples to their darker shades is proposing more dusted hues for FW22 that incorporate balancing properties to create more supporting staples within the collection.

Natural Colors

Humble Brown

With an increasingly symbiotic focus on nature, it comes as no surprise that natural tones are at the core of color ranges for FW22. Next to the various arrays of trending beiges, the darker and more rich natural-hues of brown continue to gain momentum. Their warm and soothing quality enriches the season with a sense of calm. At the same time, a slightly retro futuristic undertone of the season's macro trends more shiny and gold-tinted browns are joining the rustic and predominantly earthy shades. Latter are also able to translate the golden brownish palettes related to the prevailing taste for the 70s.

Solar Harvest

A Harvest Palette will provide an important basis to translate a more unified and spiritual attitude towards the planet and the universe for the next fall/winter 2022 season. Saffron and copper colors are offering a timeless and warm feel. They are adding a sense of vitality and grounding to basics and provide a balancing quality for complex color palettes. Similarly those tones answer to a current taste for the joyful 70s and feel undeniably retro when used on leather or cotton.

Bold Colors

Primal Reds

Passionate reds have been on the radar since the FW21 shows. As desires for romanticism, intimacy and touch were heightened, dramatic reds were able to translate the needs for social interaction and pleasure. The elevated levels of pleasure will continue to maintain their relevance for FW22 and so will the color Red. As a signaling color, red is able to put the focus back on to any consumer seeking to stand out and to be seen again. Next to quirky reds, deeper and darker shades are translating a shift towards burgundy and are pushing Reds towards a more sophisticated and indulgent interpretation.

Tranquil Blues

The increasingly hopeful and prosperous standpoint regarding technology, which has emerged throughout the pandemic, is inspiring a digital edge for the seasons' colors. Blue is the perfect color too translate this interest in a tech-infused future. More tranquil shades like midnight blue or softer, slightly gray-infused tones are providing a sense of reassurance and will speak to the recessionary mindsets of consumers. The arctic and icy interpretations of blue, however, are adding freshness and the digital edge. Latter shades capture the slight sci-fi effect of blue lights and feel as tempting as surreal for a possible tomorrow in the meta verse.

Emotive Greens

The turn towards nature and more restful lifestyles is reflected by an increase in greens for FW22. While a rather yellowish/khaki-inspired direction is offering more grounded qualities, a development of darker and more indulgent shades like emerald and turquoise-green are able to embrace the heightened tastes for opulence and dressing-up. New nature-inspired, yet glamorous shades of green, developed for FW22, are the perfect tool to bridge the celebration of normality with a redefined value system that proposes a certain protectiveness and care towards nature. Consequently, nature does not only inform design choices here, but in a closed circle represents its own need for protection.

Hyperreal Bolds

Technicolors have been the highlight of the past runway shows. Hitting the mark in translating the fusion of digital and real spheres, those surreal shades are loaded with boosting and mood-enchanting qualities. When stepping out of the digital sphere, as life will re-open again, people will want to bring their digital world into reality with them. Acid greens, Cyan Blues, Neon Pink and Purple or a bold Citrus Yellow are some of the hyperreal colors of choice for FW22. These shades are able to catapult us beyond the horizon into a new world of dream and wonder.

Embrace The Power Of Color!

Livetrend has gathered the upcoming color highlights for FW22, of which some can be understood as color evolutions and others as fresh novelties. Beginning to work on your collections, make sure to consider the complex consumer sentiments and their relation to colors.

While it is important to provide an elevated range of more classical pieces in comforting tones, the need and desire for novelty is undeniable. As tastes have become more diversified and aesthetics have merged on a lot of levels, colors are also experiencing a new sense of freedom. Experimenting with subtly-balanced or purposely-clashing shades is offering high potentials for color-ranges of the season ahead.

With a society stepping out into the blue with a completely fresh and reset mind, this can be a great opportunity to test more edgy and exciting color shades and provide garments that underline the re-invention of the world – Pieces to embrace the idea of novelty.

13 May 2021