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FW21 Trousers Analysis

Global Assortment

The season is divided into three macro-trends for the trouser category. The first is the classic style, suitable for any occasion and above all finally wearable at the office again. This range includes the tailoring style, the cigarette trousers and more oversized silhouettes with wide legs or a waist emphasized with pleats, underlying a typical masculine inspiration.
The second is the comfort trousers. Consumer lifestyles have been strongly affected by the pandemic and home office and hybrid work have established  as new normal. Hence, it is not surprising that athleisure products, including leggings and sweat pants are still very present in the season’s winter collections. In fact, there is a certain laxity for jogging pants, and brands have already started to create new hybrid models of knitted pants, structured trousers in bi-stretch and/or technical fabrics.
Leggings have become more city-proof with micro-patterned fabrics or sophisticated details like metal zips or decorative buttons.
Flared trousers have seen steady growth in assortments since July, gaining +3.4 pts and prove to be a good investment for the coming seasons.
Talking retro-inspired styles that are making a comeback , there is the cargo pants as well.  This silhouette feminises utilitarian and military accents or depicts the tacky-doomed 2000s look.

trend up
Flare Pants
trend up
Cropped Flared
trend up
stable trend
trend down
Boyfriend's Trousers
stable trend
Cargo Pants
trend up

Global Color Palette

Among the classic and commercial colors, black obviously prevails within the winter range accounting for 29%. However, the color lost 7 pts compared to 2020, giving way for naturals, which on the contrary have gained 2 pts and greys +1 point.
Regarding the trousers’ seasonal colors, the most popular shades in terms of quantity reflect the global color trends of the moment. Trendy browns are becoming a new classic and have gained +10 pt, when analyzing fashion colors from the last year. From leather to corduroy, browns are a must have trend tone for this winter season.
The green trend has taken over for trousers as well, gaining +0,7 points from last year. Although khaki makes up for 35.5% of the green assortment, medium and dark greens have compiled to 57%. Light and fluo greens still account for 7.5% and add freshness.
Overall, blues have lost 2 pts, but it is interesting to notice that cobalt has shown a growth of +16 pts. Pinks remain quite stable in the assortment and strong colors such as fuchsia take up almost 10% of the pink color range. It should be highlighted that reds have shown a stable growth since April as well. 

Fabrics & Composition

Concerning the materials of trousers, man-made fibers are prevalent, even if overall for the premium market the percentage of vegetable-origin fibers is equivalent to the one of synthetic ones. Wool is present in small percentages, as is leather, although when faux leathers are included the percentage becomes more interesting and rises to 6%.
Knit or ribbed trousers are very present, confirming the trend of comfortable and casual trousers. The true knitted pant is a must for the season and is often proposed in a set combined with a matching top. The sweat pant is also part of the knitted pant category and is now a relevant part of the range. Comfort is a must and the proportion of stretchy fabrics lies at almost 20%.
The presence of velvet has extended the typical corduroy to smooth and even printed velvets. Those new materials add softness and/or sheen to the garment.
Talking about shine, we cannot fail to mention the satin trouser, which is interpreted from a formal to a more casual (tracksuit or pyjama style) or trendy (cargo style) look. It offers a strong piece that will continue into the summer season. Metallic fabrics have also been able to turn the trouser into an iconic piece this season, especially in full-sequins, lurex or coated versions.

Knitted Pants
Leather Pants
Velvet Trousers
Satin Trousers
Shiny Trousers

Prints & Patterns

The desire to dress up again, and especially the desire to dress up with joy and positivity, increased the use of patterns within the trouser category. Overall, patterns increased by +1.22 pts, compared to last year. Starting with classic checks and stripes, these patterns are becoming more fanciful and are being used on more fashionable fabrics such as velvet and even lurex. Overall, patterns represent 5.62% of the trouser range, with florals holding 17%, followed by animal prints at 13%. The animal pattern group is divided between trend for leopard, zebra and snakeskin.
Tie&dye is very present in the leisure and casual offer, while marbled and kinetic effects are used on the trendier trousers. Remember that the use of the same pattern all-over, as a set, is a top trend with the trouser/top and trouser/jacket combo as well.
Geometric patterns are similarly popular this season and it is not surprising that monograms are another common motif for premium and luxury brands.

Style Details

As for the most popular shapes on the market, we cannot fail to mention that high waisted trousers comprise safe value, while the low waist remains within the domain of younger and trendier brands.
Following the statistics, belted or buckled styles are very popular in the assortment (14%) although the trend is declining.
The inclusion of pockets is always important in the trousers category, but as we are seeing a comeback in cargo or multi-pocket styles, the number of pocket details is especially elevated in the statistics.
Parsing data, the elasticated waistband is another important detail, leveling slightly up from the last year.
Playing with pleats in tailoring trousers to achieve a masculine/feminine feel is the perfect new office detail. Cropped trousers are showing signs of slow growth since last year and are  taking more flared shapes for trendy trousers this winter.
Slits remain as an important detail in the assortment, whether on tailoring or sporty styles. The slit helps to emphasize footwear, be it heels or chunky boots.

High Waist
stable trend
trend down
trend up
Elastic Waist
trend up
trend down
trend up
trend down

Trousers Market Trends

This analysis is done by collecting e-commerce data based on in-stock products during the fall winter season untill 13th December 2021 .

Talking about prices, mass market average price is 28€, while premium one is 182€. The maximum price for a trouser this season in the premium market has been pushed by Iro, The Kooples and Zadig & Voltaire on leather pants. Regarding high-street brand the highiest price is at &otherstories (379€).

For a more in-depth analysis, connect to your Livetrend Analytics or ask for information via chat.

21 December 2021