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FW21 Topwear Analysis

Global Assortment

Tops are a leading category within the overall collection assortment, representing 31% of the global product range. Jerseys are dominating the category, accounting for 51%. Their comfortable and fluid fabric properties were strongly appreciated during the pandemic and do not seem to give way to other materials. While many jersey tops translate trends and are fitted and feminine this season, their comfort remains. Top trends are cut outs and cropped details for younger or fashionable customers. Moving to shirt & blouses, accounting for 28% of collection ranges. They show an elevated number of shirts, of which the trendiest are brightly colored and oversized in silhouettes. More commercial remain those with feminine designs, divided into cotton and fluid products. For blouses, bohemian styles are focused on and make up for 25% of the product range. Overshirts are taking 11% of this category and plaid shakets are a stable trend staple for FW21. The cold weather alternative to the cottage-core trend of previous seasons finds its cabin-core counterpart. Characterized by cozy attire and a rustic atmosphere, genderless overshirts are perfectly translating the rustic feel.
For woven tops, 18% are cropped and confirming an announced trend.
Bodysuits are showing very interesting growth dynamics, making up at 15% of the woven top category. This trend anticipates the lowering of bottom waistlines and goes hand in hand with a rising momentum of 00s styles.
The lingerie influence is remaining a relevant factor in the market: The satin camisole occupies 5% of the entire category, while corsets are at 0.6% showing that the analysis of Instagram’s early signs had already predicted this edgy trend over the past season.

The Boyfriend overshirt
stable trend
The Boho blouse
stable trend
The Bodysuit
trend up
The Crop top
trend up
Corset Inspired
trend up

Global Color Palette

Regarding topwear colors (apart from the classics of black, white and blue) the most popular shades in terms of quantity reflect the global color trends of the moment. Greens are the most-prominent color choice, followed by pinks and browns. Brown , as seen within our global analysis of FW2, are the newest dark tones with highest growth in the market this winter. For jerseys especially, purples are another color favorite, competing with reds this year, representing almost similar quantities.

Fabrics & Composition

The increase of vegetal fibers is strongly influenced by the t-shirt category, where 74% of materials are from vegetal origin and just 16% are synthetic. Similarly, blouses and shirts opt for vegetable fibers, such as cotton and derivatives with 61% of the product range.  For cottons, there is a strong increase in organic and gots labels. Overall, the entire topwear category, synthetic fibers still account for 43% of the assortment. While the general trend seeks to replace synthetics with recycled polyester or nylon, it is within the artificial fibers, such as tencel, naia and viscose, that show the strongest growth in the assortments replacing synthetic ones. For premium fibers, we see silk accounting for 4% of shirts, blouses and tops.

The Satin top
The Velvet upper

Top RTW Prints & Patterns

Regarding the prints of FW21 tops, florals are taking the lead with 25% of the entire print range. Animal prints are also in the top lead, proving to be a good all-over or placed pattern; followed by checks (13%) and stripes (11%), offering a sense of reassuring. Checked over-shirts contribute to the large proportion of this pattern.

Graphic patterns, which fluctuate between 7% and 9% depending on the brand, are certainly more represented in Italy than in other markets.
The logo or monogram print is often present in the T-shirt category, as well as the “message print”, which seems to focus on slogans surrounding female empowerment or to convey brand’s social and environmental values.
For the other patterns, the announced ethnic and bohemian influences of this winter is resurfacing back paisley, patchworks and updated tie&dye styles. Moving on with a more nature-bound story, the camouflage print is starting to re-emerge and is certainly to be explored in new, more contemporary interpretations: tachist, digital or optical for the next seasons.

Neckline Analysis

Excluding t-shirts, which focus on round necks, tops have opted for feminine V-necks this season. The neckline is often generated by wrap-tops too. Square and asymmetrical necklines are still present in the assortments. For shirts and blouses, the shirt collars has become a classic to design genderless garments. More fashionable in oversized  interpretations for a preppy and retro, the collar extends the cottage-core influence.

Similarly dreamy and nostalgic, the high neck with small ruffles, called Victorian collar, is well represented and loved especially by French brands.Still focusing on ruffles some other looks are influenced by the growing femininity and Y2K inspirations. 

Tops Style Details

As for the most popular shapes on the market, we cannot fail to mention that tops have shortened considerably. The return to femininity has also come with a return of ruffles and gathers. Creating wearability and texture, gatherings can be created by smocking or drawstring effects.

On a more trendy note, wrap tops evolve into criss-cross models. However, the main focus is still on cut-outs for trend-driven products for the more fashion-savvy client. Such cut-outs are specially in necklines with new asymmetrical lines.

At the same time bustier shapes, though in small quantities, confirm the revival the edgy garment, previously detected on Instagram.

trend up
trend up
Cut Outs
trend up

Tops Trims Details

Speaking of details, we return to clear signals where femininity and comfort dominate the choices of trimmings. Elastics, for example, are among the leads within the choice of finishes of garments. They render comfort to sporty garments such as tracksuits, as well as wearability for essentials and textures to ultra-feminine tops.

Next up are laces and lacings, which are interpreted in the same way, remaining important details for topwear.

Rhinestones are another essential element to embellish tops and include stones, studs and sequins.

Topwear Market Trends

This analysis is done by collecting e-commerce data based on in-stock products during the fall winter season untill 30th November 2021 .
When comparing premium brands to the high street labels, such as Zara, H&M and Mango, top trends are similar, however microtrends are more developed in the younger market. Fast fashion acts more experimental due to a more attractive pricing for rather seasonal and trendy products.
Considering prices, premium brands have proposed woven tops at average price points of 134€, shirts and blouses at 190€ and jersey tops at 116€, while high-street retailers average price is positioned at 24 for woven tops, 33€ for shirts and blouses and 17€ for jersey tops.
For a more in-depth analysis, connect to your Livetrend Analytics or ask for information via chat.

29 November 2021