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FW21 Retail Print Analysis

For prints and patterns of the 2021 winter collections, Livetrend Analytics analyzed that classic motifs remain at the top of assortments. Similarly, staples such as flowers, checks and stripes prevailed. This season timeless animaliers are added to the main print mix as well. Trendy geometric and seventies-inspired graphics, inspired by the latest Prada and Versace shows, are more relevant in the Italian market. At the same time, the French market prefers smaller motifs and branding including the monogram.Deciphering the flower segment, one can find that ditsy florals are still among the most present motifs, as the print incorporates high commercial potentials. However, flowers tend to get bigger with the arrival of pre-collections. For fashionable consumers the tapestry influence within this segment is manifesting its importance. 

This season the trend for ethnic and folk designs has mainly translated into paisley prints. Indigenous motifs are present in recent collections and generate iconic pieces, yet their quantity is comparably small. Moreover, these motifs are more prevalent in embroidery than in all-over prints. On that bohemian note, patchwork motifs are interpreted within the premium market as well. Those pieces consist of true quilted patchwork rather than prints. Lastly, tie&dye prints seem to keep their momentum, translating into blurred, faded or marbled patterns for a more wintery hue.

Taking the pulse of the market

This analysis is done by collecting e-commerce data based on in-stock products during the fall winter season until the 29th November 2021 .

The selection of trends and images within the report seeks to identify the most relevant styles. Hence,  classic motifs have not been highlighted in detail. 

Diving into the evolution of the trends, flowers and animal prints remain stable trends, providing qualities for season-less products due to their transitional appeal. Other classics, such as winter checks are present on a multitude of product categories, while stripes are used more specifically for categories such as shirts and blouses.
Ethnic and oriental themes are divided into classic paisley motifs and folk graphics and express more seasonal themes. While paisleys are mainly present within dresses and tops, ethnic motifs embellish are more prominent for knitwear and outerwear.
Geometric influences, ranging from monograms to the 1970s, are translated in form of prints to jacquard, across both, woven and knitted materials.
For the cold season, echoes of tie & dye and marble prints are proposed in browns and burnt colors. These patterns were already on the market during the transitional period in pastel tones. Note, that many tie & dye effects are seen on jersey and fleece, as tracksuits, sweatshirts and hoodies; while marble prints are often interpreted on satin and mesh.

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29 November 2021