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FW21: Prints&Patterns Update

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Native Folk

Filles a Papa

Marine Serre

Zazi Vintage

Ulla Johnson


The taste for artisanal and tradition gains increasing momentum for FW21.  A season that digs into the roots, into the origins, bringing heritage and folkloristic motifs back to life. The new generation is in search of local traditions, which have a meaning, a culture, a history.  A bohemian and feminine narrative is expressed by patterns or embroideries from various cultures. Consider the cultural appropriation of your products, make sure to create authentic and ethical print choices and consider collaborating with local artists. 

stable trend

Creative Camouflage



Richard Quinn



Creative camps are updating the trend for army prints. Whether you build your camouflage story on tromp-l’oeuil florals like Versace or Colville or you take a more abstract twist like Beaufille or Neverfullydressed. The camouflage look is also contaminated and upgraded by these mineral and blurred influences. Those camps go hand-in-hand with a great interest in the outdoors and will be an innovative, yet safe bet for FW21.

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Brocade and Tapestry





Marine Serre

After a period of lock-down dominated by comfort wear and spent inside, it comes as no surprise that brocade and tapestry are trending for FW21. While designers had their interiors as a source of inspiration, the maximalist spirit goes well with consumer’s interest in flamboyant and eccentric dressing. Current social media trends, pushed by Netflix series such as The Queen’s Gambit,  The Crown or Bridgerton, intensify such consumer sentiments and make this pattern a relevant choice. Consider brocades and tapestry as moden elements for a surprising add-in to your prints & patterns collection offer. 

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Retro Geometrics

Taller Mamo

Isabel Marant

Charles Jeffery


Attic & Barn

Consumers seek refuge in heritage an classics, while demanding upbeat novelties that bring optimism and a more positive outlook on the next year. Retro geometrics are the perfect choice to answer to this need. Inspired by retro interiors, especially from the 60s and 70s, traditional patterns are given a more contemporary edge through new color choices. The upbeat mood is great to mix with other prints in order to create maximalist statement pieces. 

stable trend

Bold Plaids

Rave Review

Simon Miller




These new bold checks are perfectly balancing the need for reassurance and the need for change. High-energy colors or patchwork approaches bring a youthful spirit to the classical, rather nostalgic plaid pattern. Wolly and felted effects are enhancing a vintage flavor that is still imoprtant for FW21. The choices may almost seem punk and deliver a rebellious character towards the mostly tamed spirits of a recessionary year. 

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Primitive & Historic Art

Carne Bollente





Consumers are turning towards old wisdom and craft to seek refuge after a time of crisis. Those primitive and historic art prints symbolize this escape into times far away from media and modern societies. They also channel the sparks of creativity of the lockdown through a canvas-to-garment appeal and brushstroke or pencil effects. This print is great for transitional periods from summer to fall as it might evoke a vocational spirit. Use as all-over or placed prints especially for tops, skirts and dresses.

stable trend

Abstract Animalia


Rough Studio


Maisie Villien


A more subtle take is updating Animalia prints for FW21. Artisanal and nature-inspired stripes or patterns are creating abstract effects of zebra or cheetah prints and bringing a fresh touch to those staple prints.This more nature-focused story is also tapping into the growing interest in the environment and more purposeful living. The subtle take makes Animalia more timeless and sophisticated and a great piece to invest in. 

stable trend

Vague Shadows

Petar Petrov


Zitong Wang



The uncertainty of 2020 that stretches into 2021 is translated into prints for FW21 as well. Anything that references something difficult to define, dusty or shadowy can be summed-up under this faded-shadow print-narrative. Ombré effects, layered prints or watercolor effects all make up this trend-story. Transparent and fluid materials intensify the illusory almost otherworldly character of these prints and are a fresh way to update all-over or placed prints. 

trend up




Low Classic

House of Sunny

Baum Pferdgarten

This photographic print story is gaining momentum as the digital sphere has now taken over almost the entity of our daily lives. Translated into an over-layered graphic story, this print is becoming more relevant for younger audiences. Photographic prints are more commercial in simple black versions but can add an even more youthful and bold touch by integrating color. This graphic will be a great way to update your classic printed tees but also to create new statement pieces. 

Inspiration from past, present and future

Prints for FW21 are demanding a greater need for versatile and adaptable prints that extend the lifespan of a single season. To generate a versatile palette, consider indulging into mood-boosting and hedonistic prints for statement pieces, while looking towards updated heritage patterns and nature-driven prints for a broader range of product-groups. Looking to nature for inspiration is translated into more abstract, marbled structures, new linears that update animalia stories and abstract camouflages with blurred and tie-dye effects. 

With science and spirituality becoming a reassuring anchor for a greater number of people primitive and ancient art is gaining momentum for the next season and works extremely well for the transitional periods. Linked to this interest into tradition and heritage comes the re-emergence of folkloric motifs on a large scale. Celebrating local traditions and cultures has become an important driver for social equality and tradition, as values that are now more important than ever.

The bold and more expressive patterns for FW21 draw their inspiration from the archives with graphic influences from geometric vintage interiors or indulgent brocade and flamboyant tapestry. Heritage checks are updated with flashing color choices that give a youthful tone to the comforting feel of the familiar. This more optimistic venture into the past is channeling a more positive outlook to this time of challenge and constraint. 

Opposed to those print narratives, there are some more digital and dystopian takes on our current crisis translated into prints. Fading effects and shadows, black photographic sceneries build an aery contrast to the other uplifting bolds and nature-centric stories. They capture the uncertainty of the moment and define the zeitgeist.