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FW21 Print Trend Story: Ancient Wisdom

With anxiety heightened by the pandemic, people are trying to find hope and peace in areas that lay beyond our daily life. Seeking for the ultimate healer, consumers are turning towards ancient mythologies, extra-terrestrial worlds, witchcraft or astrology, following a more spiritually-driven path. On TikTok, witchcraft and potions have become a major trend across Gen-Z. Views have reached the 3.3 billion already. For FW21 several new prints are moving into focus, that pick up on this mystic youth culture. Graphics depict elements of horoscopes, moon calendars, mystical or conspiracy motifs, the universe and crystals. The palette is based on indulgent and rich tones, which carry a mystified undertone. To brighten-up these somber shades, harmonies are featuring metallic and color highlights. The color add-on also enhances the surreal and other-worldly effect on screens. To induce even more richness and depth to these prints, consider materials that highlight the new spirituality surrounding myth and knowledge. Such an add-on might consist of using velvets, satins and reflective or shiny yarns as sumptuous base-materials for your prints. In order to highlight the otherworldly feel even more, shiny and shimmering finishes are key. Therefore, jewelry applications and new printing techniques with glossy effects are ideal to capture the surreal feel of these new dreamy graphics.

Astrology Prints

Starry Nights

Maps of the Unknown

Magical Objects

Myths and Conspiracy

Another Galaxy

Finding Hope in Myth and Knowledge

Interpretations of these themes may vary according to your target segmentation and reach from subtly sophisticated depictions to more explicit and quirky stories. In general, Astrology prints are igniting spiritual energies. However, using star-signs for more personalized drops will enable you to create an intensified and stronger consumer-product relationship and drive sales. The focus on ancient myths and knowledge also resurfaces reassuring graphics of the universe and  galaxies, that can be interpreted in a wide array of possibilities and are great choices for top and dress categories. Prints surrounding the moon and the stars are more easily applicable to commercial products and have a rather sophisticated feel. Such prints work especially well within the evening-wear ranges and translate smoothly into the holiday season. For a more festive feel, boost your prints with shimmery and metallic finishes. If you desire a bold approach, fresh all-over prints combine several of the element surrounding different cultures and their mythologies and often times use mathematical figures and maps as backgrounds. Those new statement prints are presenting a more eccentric, overcharged appeal and take us deeper into the spheres of myth and knowledge. Build on the power of ancient wisdoms as a guiding force towards a more unified future for your FW21 collections and offer an ethereal escape to your clients.