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FW20 Runway Top Fabric Trends

Big % in increase versus FW19


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Big % in decrease versus FW19









Capitalize on the right trends

Several fabrics caught our attention during these parades. Certainly shiny materials such as vynil, leather, glitter and lurex were protagonists as well as metallic tones. But also transparency was a subject treated by several designers. Among all these shades, satin, on the other hand, is clearly declining.
The lingerie theme carries an assumed femininity that makes veiled and transparent fabrics grow exponentially. Lace, on the other hand, is much less successful and is more discreet.
Quilting had already established itself in the prefalls and continued its rise for the winter.
Among the materials in strong decline for the next season, fur is certainly the one that still provides statutory and emblematic pieces.
The trend of denim is in a downward curve too, and designers have presented the fluid and wide pants or leather trousers instead. Some beautiful examples in the collections of Chloé, Gucci and Celine, which present rather 70, wide and unisex lines.