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FW 2021 : Runway Top Trends

The Fall/Winter 2021 fashion shows had designers trying to envision what a new normal could look like post-pandemic, while still navigating out of the pandemic. It is unclear what the future will look like and how the crisis-related measures will continue to impact our lives. The collections might not hold a magic answer, but have proposed an extensive variety of possibilities.

Overall, the need for uncompromising comfort combined with an irrepressible desire to dress-up again dominated this season of reset. Overall, there have been four main consumer sentiments dominating the macro themes of new design. The main and most impactful trend depicts a wakened sense of joyful optimism that is trading loungewear for party attire. Linked to that, is a new female gaze. Not only the desire for sensuality, touch and seduction drive this trend.

Women are moving out of the pandemic with a new understanding of confidence. This also pans out in the third main theme: striving for a serene and harmonious future. Mainly translated into sleek and sharp looks that prepare us for returning office life and commute. It combines timeless luxury with nods to an empowered genderless, through mannish components reworked with charm. Lastly, the healing powers of nature and community and the prospect of travel, continue to drive designs that induce nomadic and circular concepts.

A Season Of Reset

Diving into product, the by far hottest piece of the season is the fur coat. Fur trims are a big success as well. Not only does the material’s opulent feel answer to demands of dress-up, but it continues to embrace the idea of coziness and tactility. Full Knit Silhouettes, including sets and dresses, are the second leading trend. Those impactful knits are elevating home-wear styles and create a more sophisticated, yet comfortable wardrobe for the transition from domestic life to a life outside the home. Similarly relaxed tailoring styles continue to drive shapes and silhouettes in the tailoring category, making comfort fits one of the leading trends.

Seeking to spark joy, sparkling materials and bold colors are adding a touch of drama and excitement to the runways and our upcoming closets. With mini silhouettes being one of the most represented lengths for dresses and skirts, designers translated the need to show skin and feel sexy again. 

In terms of must-have-accessories, top trends are platforms and statement gloves, which have been taking the stage. Both of those pieces incorporate practical and eccentric properties, which match new consumer demands as their visibility on the runway proofs. The more edgy top trends include the omnipresent Balaclava, the evolution of the face mask, and the catsuit, challenging the concept of second-skin dressing.

Impressive Knits


vs FW20



vs FW20

The Mini Silhouette


vs FW20

New Geometrics


vs FW20

Relaxed Tailoring


vs FW20

Sparkling Parties


vs FW20

The (Fake) Fur Coat


vs FW20

Upcycled Crafts


vs FW20

The Catsuit


vs FW20

The Statement Gloves


vs FW20

The Balaclava


vs FW20

The Plateau Shoe


vs FW20

Fashion Weeks Top 10 by Visibility

According to Livetrend’s data, here are the top trends from the Fall Winter 2021 runways. The top trends were selected by their visibility tracked through Livetrend technology and novelty based on growth index and human expertise. The trends are organized by visibility and you can find the number of outfits on the shows, displayed on the left. The index of growth, which compares this season to Fall Winter 2020, can be found on the right. The graph in the center represents the evolution of the trend over the last three season.

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