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FW 2021 : Must-Have Accessories

For Soft-Accessories, Glasses and Jewelry the direction is clearly set for FW21: Go bold or go home. With a pulsating optimism that is linked to the prospect of life outside the home and a normality that includes restaurants, parties and travel, the accessories category is taking a lead. Dazzling-up and glamorizing current comfort and functionality-driven styles. However, the majority of FW21 trend accessories also considers the aspects of protection and fear-of-touch in its design.

Statement gloves are continuing to take over, counting 674 features on the shows. From furry grizzly interpretations to futuristic modular designs and glamourous high-gloves, designers are saying goodbye to clinical medical gloves, while maintaining their indirect-contact function. Next to gloves, face-masks are a pandemic staple. As the evolution of the face mask, the Balaclava keeps translating the needs of the mask while adding an edgy design twist. From Miu Miu to Givenchy, Designers have not seemed to miss out on this new statement piece. Overall, the focus on the facial area, driven by zoom-calls and social media, is pushing a taste for headpieces and designers are recalling fashion vintage’s favorites. The Beret and the Headscarf are a popular design choice for FW21, dreaming of a seemingly-perfect past, while adding a quirky hue.

For eyewear, the most-standout style are shielding glasses with a futuristic appeal. Brands like Acne Studios and Balenciaga presented shades that almost cover the entire face. These new styles show generally more geometric outlines and sharp finishes and are often tinted in otherworldly colors for a fresh spark. Anyway, if you’re not planning to go to the moon, these statement glasses seems perfect for ski winter holidays.
Chunky chain necklaces are embracing new empowered females and their desire to feel bold and powerful again. A trend that has been around for tree season and it is showing decreasing perspective, but has still business potential. 

With mini-lenght trend coming strongly, women will be ready to show and focus on their legs again. This translates into a renewed attention on socks and tights. Tights capture the eyes with all-over prints and patterns bringing colors and texture to the legs. Similarly, socks are becoming hyper-creative. Popular sock styles include chunky knits and openwork or follow the comfort-driven, minimal aesthetic of current tastes for timeless design.   

Statement Gloves




The Balaclava




Shielding Shades


Chunky Chains


Patterned Tights






Accessories that elevate Comfort Styles

According to Livetrend’s data, these are the top trends from the Fall Winter runways. As you can see, the core idea of dressing-up is infusing accessories items with a feeling of glamour and extravagance. Combined with new needs for functionality and purpose design approaches have become more innovative. While constructions and features build on comfort and usefulness, joyful trims and materials are  adding the fun of fashion to the season’s items.

To understand the data on this report, have a look at the number on top right to understand the trends  visibility, expressed by the number of outfits featured on the shows. This data is related to the importance of the trend and his magnitude. On bottom left of each trend, you can find the index of growth compared to FW20. This data is analysing the evolution of the trend and his novelty. Refer to Livetrend Stamp on the right to identify the type of trend and the risk associated to it.