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FW 2020 : Top Trends

What trends will emerge from these fashion shows that took place in a global context disorienting and alarming because of the coronavirus. Certainly already ecology and the safeguard of the planet had entered into force as concepts and values, which fashion is proving to want to fully embrace. But certainly these collections were not designed with the vision of a coming pandemic in mind.
Never before has livetrend technology been so useful for detecting and decrypting trends emerging from fashion shows and then following them in real time to understand which ones will really be adopted by the market, influenced by current events.

Many designers have opted for eye-catching, brightly colored looks (+19% compared to FW19), contrasted by black which definitely supplants navy blue. Browns and neutral tones are in vogue, from beige to grey. The monochromatic silhouettes have increased by 65% compared to FW19, underlining the importance brought by the designers on the visual impact of colour.
Combined with the vibrant colour trend, the appearance of voluminous silhouettes has been added. Large sleeves, bursting shoulders, puffy dresses and bold flounces were featured in many collections during these fashion weeks.

Last but not least, the frequency of glossy fabrics on the catwalks was no less fabulous. A great tribute to vinyl (the vinyl coat is a must have) and lattex. Several pieces presented by the Bigs, but certainly one of the most popular trends both in quantity and growth index. Certainly memorable will remain the colored lattex leggings of Saint Laurent.
In addition to the bright appearance, another important factor was the movement that saw its superlative representation with the long fringes. From Prada, to Dior, to Bottega Veneta, this trend exploded unexpectedly. Nothing to do with the western universe of the past seasons. The fringes are graphic, sensual to let the body appear with movement, dynamizing the silhouette in a brilliant way.
Patchwork is also an emerging trend. It was already a trend alert for couture, confirmed today in the FW20 fashion shows. The pattern, texture and mix & match were created using uncoordinated upcycled fabrics, highlighting an explicit sustainable fashion theme. In Paris, Margiela used vintage garments to create her collection, and the Marine Serre collection was made with 80% upcycled fabrics.

Quilted, as already announced by livetrend in prefall analysis, is certainly one of the strongest trends, with a 36% increase compared to FW20. A valid alternative to the down jacket which drops by 16%.
Transparency games with references to lingerie and an almost boudoir-like spirit are essential for next season. More than 300 pieces and a growth rate of 83% for this hyper-feminine trend, which ensures women will not lose their sensuality even in this #metoo era.

The suit continues to be a must-have and is now divided between a masculine and feminine aesthetic with the skirt suit (+65% compared to FW19). Asymmetric blazers have made their appearance with Petar Petrov and Coperni, skirts have replaced trousers from Margaret Howell to Prada, and Burberry has revisited the classic three-piece suit. The trousers widened so much that they became an unmissable of the season (26% vs FW19).
The cape and poncho continue their ascent, as already noted by livetrend for prefalls. Between the two, the poncho seems to prevail with a growth index of 140%.

For accessories, the big trend is gloves. Almost 800 looks worn with gloves and certainly a return in strength of the long glove that has a growth index of 159%.
Two other must-have accessories for the FW20 will be the waders: 461 pieces presented neutral or coloured; and oversized bags (+20%), as the prefalls already announced.

Below is a quantitative analysis of the major trends.
On the left, the quantity of outifits presented during the FW20 fashion shows, on the right the growth index versus FW19 and in the center, a graph of the trend evolution over the last three seasons.
For colours see the analysis: FW20 Runaway Colour Analysis, for fabric analysis look at FW20 Runaway Top Fabric Trends and for must-have pieces: FW20 Runaway Must-have.

Extra-volume Sleeves



Long Fringes






Bold Flounces



Extra Volume



Bold Shoulders






Lingerie Spirit






Data from Fashion Weeks

According to Livetrend’s data, here are the biggest trends with biggest growth index that have been caught from Fall Winter 2020 runaways.  You can find detailed trend analysis on colours, must-have pieces, pattern&prints with the hashtags #FW20 and #fashionshow. All these analysis allows an objective view on trends evolution so you can quickly activate you choices for the future seasons.
The trends are organized in order of growth index compared to the previous season. This way you can see what trends are coming next. If you want to analyse them by quantity of outfit, refer to the number on the left. It allow you to understand which trends are more present for FW20.

15 March 2020