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Fall 19 Accessories Analysis

Global Assortment

Let's analyze the Accessories of Fall Winter 2019-20 collections of the ten most successful premium brands in France. These brands have already delivered more than 2000 skus globally that represent 36% of entire collection.


Bags represent 31% of the offer. Premium brands are looking for it bags as luxury brands and some of them has already find their iconic pieces as The Kooples, Maje, Liu Jo, Zadig&Voltaire. With regard to the latter, it is important to appoint the collaboration with Kate Moss to create a collection of bags that has already become a must for the brand. Shoes are at 22%, mainly composed by boots & booties and sneakers. We must mention the great return of the ranger boots, present in all the collections. So the first position is lost by cowboy boots, who remains one of the most fashionistas. Small accessories are at 32%, with predominance of belts and textile accessories. To finish the jewellery at 15%, mainly necklaces.

Sub Categories

Global Colour Palette

Black is predominant in the colour range with 38%. Then come the metallic ones at 20%, with gold in first place. It is very interesting to note how the metallic colours have risen in the color palette, no longer thought of as accessories for the evening or ceremony, but rather to empower the daily looks. It is important to mention that neutrals and browns are together 11%, so they come just after gold. The division of the other colours is almost equal, first of all the more classic blues and reds, then the pinks, greens and even whites.

Fabrics & Materials

Concerning fabrics and materials, Leather and fakes are at 63% and leather is predominant. Shiny fabrics, including glitter, sequins, vinyl and metallics are at 14%. Then velvet is quite popular for bag and shoes but it remains at 5% on global accessories. Quilted is very popular for handbags too.

Prints & Patterns

The animal print is still the strongest pattern of the new season. It represents 60% of TOP 5 patterns. Then second one is graphic textures et details at 12%. Butterflies are quite popular motif for accessories just before floral patterns. Then another element found in textures and details is heart.
According to Google Trends, the animal print loses interest with the consumer, probably because of his strong presence in the market. Instead, we notice that the crocodile pattern is rising in strength, especially in the accessories. Crocodile is at 37% and python at 35%. Interest in this pattern is growing. The lasts positions are for zebra and cow print.

Accessories Price Structure

Analyzing the price structure of the accessories, we see that shoes are the most expensive product on average. They surpass the bags by 17€ because the entry price of this category is much lower: 29€. Shoes, on the other hand, have a minimum price of 120€. The most expensive price of the collections remains the bag with 995€. For the premium market, the accessories do not exceed the psychological price of 1000€.

Fashion Jewelry can reach expensive prices up to 375€ but starting from really affordable prices: 25€. Small accessories include belts, foulards, scarves, watches, sunshades, gloves, hats, socks and more. The entry price is very low, but can rise to almost 400€.

Shoes Price Analysis

Regarding the footwear of this autumn-winter 2019, shoes represents 22% of the assortment. Boots and sneakers are the most important sub-categories. Boots can rise to 950€ and have the higher price. Sneakers can have quite affordable entry price : 109€ and can go to 395€. Maximum prices remain below €400 for footwear, except for boots and ankle boots.

Bags Price Analysis

Bags use to be the most expensive category of accessories. At the moment, thanks to new deliveries, boots have taken the first place. Slightly under 1000€, the maximum price is relevant compared to the other items of the collection. Wallets, coin purses, cardholders and keychains have average prices between 45€ and 98€. Some wallets can go to 250€ also because they are used as mini-bag.

Small Accessories Prices

Regarding small accessories, belts are the most important sub_category. Average price is 111€. Higher prices are shown by watches (148€) and eyewear (161€), the other product families have cheaper average prices. Even if foulards and scarves have higher maximum price (295€) after belts.

Fashion Jewellery Prices

Fashion Jewellery represents 15% of accessories assortment and even if it has among the lowest prices in the collection, it shows medium range higher prices. Necklaces can go up to 375€ and earrings to 250€. Entry prices are between 25€ and 45€.

Details Analysis

Thanks to our technology we can analyze the details of the FW19 accessories. The main trend is zippers, utilitarian or decorative, they represent 19% of best details. Logos are very important on accessories, they bring the status of the brand and add perceived value to the product. They represent 14%. Very important part of top ten chart is made of jewelry, rhinestones and stones, that together are 26% of details. Chains are still a trend, very popular for bag. Studs lose position compared to jewellery and stay at 9%.

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This analysis is done by collecting data on the e-commerce websites of the most successful affordable luxury brands in France.

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8 October 2019