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Detail Trend: Strings attached!

A tangled up story

Livetrend has been tracking the continuously increasing trend of straps and strings details. Compared to last year, this detail has a growth rate of +287%. Especially on social media, this trend has gained significant momentum and a more commercial appeal.
The strappy trend resurfaced with growing tastes for nostalgia and the effortless and sexy vibe of the early 2000s and 90s. Designers have been considering the archives more strongly during the pandemic and the strapped and skin-baring creations of Helmut Lang, Gaultier and Prada of the 90s and 00s, which capture a seductive yet powerful femininity, are becoming a source of inspiration again. These reinterpreted garments with strap details seemingly pull the chaos that surrounds us today together. The strings and tied-up look feels like it is holding things in place and providing connection for people overwhelmed by a restless and uncertain environment. 

The trend-detail works well in combination with cropped tops and low rise bottoms. Combining those two elements the straps might even simulate the feeling of a dress, looking at Christopher Esber for example. While strappy details for pants seem more experimental, they can add novelty and edginess to this category. With revealing open-back or cropped pieces, the subtle string detail can add a sophisticated touch and counteract the sensation of nakedness. For more commercial interpretations, soft string-details on products which can be layered are key. The possibilities on the more fashionable scope of this trend have no limits. Do not hesitate to experiment with this sensual detail for your next collection and explore the trend according to your consumer’s edginess-levels. With dressing-up and femininity being on rise again, this statement detail is a safe-bet for upcoming seasons.