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Criss-Cross Denim & Pants

Experimental Detail

Designers have been trying to seek for ways to implement creative jean and trouser updates that have commercial potential as well for a long time. The asymmetric waist seems to be one of the hottest, yet adaptable trends for your designs. Coming with increased interest in products and aesthetics surrounding up-cycling and repurposing vintage finds this trend is proposing this trending DIY-look, while proposing sharp and solid finishings for your customers. Variations can range from subtle interpretations to more experimental adaptions, as Ottolinger or Y-Project are presenting. Overall, this detail will bring a sharp and contemporary edge to your pant assortment. The asymmetric, criss-cross waist is a detail which is growing in importance at a fast pace.

Livetrend technology has detected a big increase of this trend on Instagram, suggesting that the trend has been implemented by the most fashionable consumers already. Make sure to incorporate this detail into your product range and adapt it according to your consumers needs either more toned or more bold.

February Update: Demand for jeans and denim pieces has grown since the start of January (+23%), with women on average purchasing twice the number of jeans to men. We saw an additional 10% increase in searches of these high crossover jeans and this product remain one the most viewed style of its category.