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Childhood Heroes

Cartoons and Doodles on the rise!

Livetrend technology has tracked a growing number of cartoon and character collaborations amongst fashion brands. The taste for animated figurines takes us back to our childhood and has us reminisce in a nostalgia of childhood heroes and freedom, far away from the pandemic and lockdown surrounding us. The joyful animated characters ignite a much-needed carefree spirit and introduce a dash of fun into our daily lives. A current craze for Pokémon, has captivated especially Gen-Z, and is taking over Youtube and other Social Media channels. The hype is fueled by a general taste for retro collectables and arcade games, early 2000s animation series and the accelerated spread of gaming culture during the Covid-1 lockdown. Collaborations are on demand and feature wide arrays of apparel items. Especially prominent are sweatsuits, tees and accessories. The color-palettes are youthful and bold and include exciting color-block combinations, which enhance the light-hearted feeling surrounding this trend even further. The recent drop of Levis x Pokémon steps into a row of other fusions with series like Mickey Mouse, Mario, Snoopy etc.  Another stand-out alternative to these licensed collaboration, can be the creation of own and authentic Cartoon-Inspired details, as House of Sunny and Donkwear are showing. If in licensed collaborations or uniquely new characters, the quirky little figurines and doodle designs are a safe-bet when addressing Gen-Z and Millenials and aiming at creating best-selling drops. Make sure to consider this jolly concept when planning statement streetwear-focused or accessories drops and safeguard your ability to attract a younger consumer!