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AW22 Textile Fairs: Première Vision

Pulsating Moments.

The Livetrend Team has attended the leading Textile and Design Fair in Paris – Première Vision. Able to gather and confirm recent and innovative trend developments on fabrics and materials, this report provides you with all the necessary trend directions for FW 22/23.  The concepts are set to offer you guidance on design choices and create the best products beginning from the most initial point.


Which materials are essential during a time of genesis? 


At their core, textile themes are unified by the striking desire to create a collaborative experience. AW 22/23 is all about rediscovering a collective energy combined with the value of technology to foster and balance the individual within a global context. Exploring how to create differently, relying on hybrid know-hows and staying committed is now more than a hopeful demand, it’s an urgent appeal.

As the future unfolds in front of us, an upbeat approach sets on creativity in order to escape uniformity and old patterns. Textile trends include ideas on enduring beauty, stand-out individuality, rationality opposed to excess, impulsive freedom and responsible strength. To get inspired and informed, take a look at the  top trends of the fair: 

Gold Mine

The textile trend Gold Mine draws upon metallics and gold pigments for an indulgent look. Reliefs and surface treatments enhance the lustrous shine, while warm tints of brown and yellow make sure to generate a cozy feel. The opulent aspect of such precious and warm textiles reflects on the fertility of earth and infuses wardrobes with a deep eternal shine. The heritage and value that is embedded in gold as a material resonates feelings of endurance, meaning and beauty, which are now evermore important to consumers. The feeling of luxury is tied to the authenticity and simplicity of the metal and adds an essential and familiar sense of opulence. Bringing an indispensable notion of extravagance in order to warm up silhouettes for colder AW22/23 seasons is the effect of those precious bits of metal within your fabric range.

Credits: Adele Zibetti, @rebeccajeffs, Dutel, @norragatan, Raynaud

Kinetic Gravity

For FW 22/23 the textile Trend Kinetic Gravity is pushing current tastes for visual effects to an irresistible excess. Geometrics merge into psychedelic distortions, while keeping a distinct notion for retros. Reaching back into the archives of 70s interiors and geometric Art Deco designs, these graphics are exploring the repertoire of different proportions and colorings to create intense visual effects. Kinetic prints are especially effective in all-overs as their distortion through the bodily shape contributes to a psychedelic experience. The look is very expressive and self-confident and demands to shake things up. Yet, such extreme graphics should be a part of a successful and contemporary range next season.  

Credits: Adalberto, @seasonal.inc, Isil Tekstil, @lisasaysgah, Erica

Tropical Night

Daring to set our instincts free, inducing designs that judiciously flirt with bad taste and give a quiver to sequins seems to lay at the core or Tropical Night fabrics. As today’s technical fluency creates a hybrid world that shifts between indoor and outdoor, showy and intimate, as well as real and virtual, exploring the realm of phantasy seems crucial for designers. Extravagant fabrics can translate into FW 22/23 within interpretations of synthetic gardens as an essential part for elaborate wardrobes. Through digitally altered botanical print designs and glossy, animal inspired textile treatments, a nocturnal paradise is built.  The material concept draws upon novel darks, with intense greens and deep purple proposing an alternative to familiar blacks. Infused by hyper-bold florals and leaves or shimmering effects, somber nights seem to experience a joyful and fresh revival. 

Credits: Lea Hofstetter, @withjean, Fada Tessuti, @louisaballou, Yaca

Caravan Craft

A new wave of Boheme and nomad culture is gripping consumers today. Caravan Craft is a FW 22/23 textile concept that draws inspiration from folkloric and bucolic universes and references gipsy and outdoor cultures. A cozy, yet virtuose authenticity plays into a keepsake aesthetic, driven by irregularity and a crazy yet responsible look. As a catalyst for the vibrant and rigorous momentum post-lockdown, the look prevails through eclectic ikat, nomadic ornaments, novel paisleys and bohemian embroideries. Dynamic and dressy elements, like lace or sequin enhance the caravan appeal. More functional, yet similarly expressive, hairy and felted surfaces offer sturdy properties for outerwear garments. Exploring van-life accessories in combination with crafted and colorful wanderer essentials offers a fresh perspective on a future immersed in culture and nature. 

Credits: Andre Laude, @maisonartc, Brecotessile, @farewellfrances, Mittwill

Lunar Explorer

With the backdrop of our new-age space race, textiles explore the possibilities for lunar missions through technicality and dream. Lunar Explorer is a material trend for FW 22/23 that coaxes the contrast between clever design and fleeting sparkles. The intense, untouchable beauty of space meets perfectly constructed materials that resist external influences and keep us protected. Wrapping up in the comfort of soft leather and quilting or conversely, infusing springy suiting with subtle sheens builds an integral part of new urban wardrobes, ready for novel explorations. The palette grounds in rather muted shades, yet the potential of iridescent effects or coatings enhances the look to an extraterrestrial sphere. Even the most classical prince of whales and houndstooths fabrics, core to commuting styles, experience an alluring new look.

Credits: PV property, Fendi, Hamzagil, @ximenamoral, Texlouis

Première Vision AW22 Color Palette

For AW 22/23 the Première Vision Color Chart presents a rich range of colors to create energized and well-balanced palettes. The color selection affirms the energy of colors and its possibility to generate a pro-active expression. At the same time, the new winter shades translate a sense of lightness for the upcoming season. Leveraging hues of olive and khaki, as well as brown and grey is proposing subtly balanced color gradations and an easy and luminous feel as an alternative to wintery black. Overall, the shades of the season seem more light and refreshed, as opposed to usual winter palettes. A straightforward positivity is captured through vibrant color hues, along rd, orange pink and violet. Those statement shades grate an energy of fantasy and vibrancy. The play with tampered palettes and energetic intensive twists is crucial here.

Credit: Première Vision

Aiming for more connectedness.

For FW22/23 the combination of energizing colors on harmonizing textures and materials is guaranteed to pulsate in union with the various influences of a globally dynamic stage. Colors that feel preciously warm adapt easily to rustic and natural materials that strive for sophistication. While the power of brights seems ready to boost into glamorous nocturnal gardens or reciting energies from past periods. Lastly mysterious shadows offer the possibility to explore new spaces beyond reality or the hemisphere and create surreal contrasts.

Make sure to consider the highlighted directions for FW22/23. Get inspired to make the right material choices for a fresh and protective styles. Broadening horizons and transgressing conventions will demand your design team to think outside the box but present collections that fit the zeitgeist and resonate with consumers. Be empowering, be reasonable and ignite dreams and appeal to the the sensory range of your clients.

6 October 2021