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Athleisure Contamination

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Athleisure represented one of the fastest rising trends in the first part of 2020, with positive growth of 12% when his compound annual growth rate was 7% since 2016.

The rise in number of health-conscious consumers is one of the key factors driving the growth of the global athleisure market. The coronavirus crisis has just boosted the trend spread.
The quarantine changed consumer habits with the need for a practical and comfortable style. Fitness has become one of the major part of daily routine and it is influencing our lifestyle and our approach to this kind of clothes.
Now that the consumer has become accustomed to comfort, he doesn’t want to leave it and find it suitable for several occasions. Dynamic lifestyle choices mean that people prefer clothing that is multi-functional, suitable for the gym and for the office

Athleisure is a consumer-driven trend and is it here to stay, taking new shapes and influencing more and more the daily wardrobe. So that’s why fashionable athleisure products have witnessed surge in demand, due increase in adoption for apparel from female consumers.

Active and athleisure brands have specific design. Multiple cuttings, body conscious design, different textures, and other fashion attributes that are very inspiring for the ready-to-wear.
From sportswear dresses to seamless construction, the activewear market will see further blurring of the lines between sport, lounge and even everyday-wear.

Millennials are considered as the prime customers in the global athleisure market. Moreover, the ongoing trend of healthy ageing has witnessed increased popularity among the senior. This customer is owing to rise in health & fitness associated with ageing. This factor increases the demand for athleisure among elderly consumers, so confirm that this is a universal trend suitable for all kind of target.
In fact, those brands are promoting more and more values as inclusiveness and sustainability and they are a good example of how brand values are driving consumer’s interest.

These are all reason why, athleisure outfits were growing on socials during quarantine and now it is established as a real trend. Some specific products are still worn indoor and outdoor and mixed in everyday wardrobe as we were not doing before. This styling mix & match is going to go further next season towards a real hybridization between tailoring and athleisure, creating a new modern aesthetic.

Key words


 Develop design that can be worn in any type of sport activity and that also crosses lounge and leisurewear for sales optimization. The trend is about wearing athleisure mixed with everyday wardrobe, even with tailoring. Best combo: oversized tailored jacket with sweatpants and sneakers or shaped leggings and stiletto.


The Athleisure brands are promoting more and more inclusiveness, completely changing the ancient codes where fitness promoted the cult of the perfect body. Whether you’re tall, small, thin, overweight, young, old or of any ethnicity, these new athleisure brands are designed for you. Making you feel better, healthy and happy.


These brands also care about the environment by adopting more and more eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester or organic natural fibers. In facts, machine washing of synthetic fabrics, as nylon, acrylic, polyester, especially used for sportswear, releases plastic microfibers in the treated waste water to the oceans. As a result, between 4 and 12 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year. Sportswear and activewear brand are strongly committed to this green approach.

Key players

Key Collabs

Ivy Park x Adidas
Stella McCartney x Adidas
Balmain x Puma
Victoria Beckham x Reebok
Roksanda x Lululemon

Key Products

Key Fabrics


Nylon waste from landfills and oceans is transformed into ECONYL®. Same as new nylon, it can be recycled many times. New products creation is zero waste.


Tencel® is a fiber made from the pulp of the tree. The fabrics produced by this fiber are more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen, and softer than silk.

Recycled PL

Made from recycled plastic materials, this fiber needs less water and energy to be produced than the original one, keeping performance, durability and versatility.


Seamless knit is a very performing material. It gives performance to sport products meanwhile offering several possibilities to create creative shapes and textures.

Key Colors

Dusty Colds

Rusty Dyed

Style Inspo

Why we love athleisure

We like these new brands that move the codes forward. We like them for their values of sustainability and inclusiveness. Far from the traditional fashion codes, sportswear and now activewear has come to influence designers and fashionistas’ dressing. We believe that this hybridization of the silhouette between athleisure and tailoring will have the same success as “chic in sneakers”. The amount of successful collaborations between designer brands and athletic brands had already set the path. An influence to be worked with subtlety and technicality, inspired by ergonomic cuts, but also by high-performance materials. The jersey makes its big come back thanks to its comfort, its good fit, but also its duttility. Leggings are becoming a must and often worn with a matching bra. He has shown on FW20’s catwalks, but he is already running the streets in high heels.

23 June 2020