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Western – accessories

Western Touch

I don’t need to tell you cowboy style is back and especially cowboy boots (that’s old news now).  It is a micro-trend that just keeps reappearing season after season through different interpretations.
Over the past few seasons, the Western-inspired trend continues to grow. From mid-market contemporary brands to premium and luxury brands, this style seems scattered everywhere in 2019. It’s played in a subtile way, with a touch that adds a western feel. That’s why the accessories lend very well to this effect.
First on the trend list we have to mention the cowboy boots.
The shape coming off the catwalk is more like the Chelsea boot only without a pointed toe and with a higher heel.
A tooled leather belt with a statement buckle is very popular or typical western design replicated on belts or bags. You can find embellished metal buckles on bags or shoes to give this cowboy taste.
For western accessories in general, favourite colours are dusty brown, black, neutral colours, even white. For fantasies: here are more bicolors, croc and snakeskin.