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FW 21 Trendstory: Eclectic Nomads







Folklore and Tradition

Eclectic Nomads is manifesting the urge to draw energy from nature and ancestral traditions for FW21. The revival of  folkloric and bohemian styles is accelerated by the growing importance of community, ancient wisdom and ethical practices. Nature and tradition have become the ultimate healers for a lot of people during recent times of crisis and are building the leitmotif of this trend. A nomad life is a dream, more then ever now. Ancestral and native cultures are becoming a true inspiration for the young generation as native American, Berber culture, Inuits and even prehistorical ones.
The intensified art & craft aesthetic is bringing a reassuring traditional feeling, and keeping  a human touch, while now everything is digital.
To underpin the contemporary folk look, explore bold knits, heritage patterns and crafted textiles and mix them with tapestry and native cultures influences. Clashing cultures, while remaining ethical (consider the cultural appropriation of your products) is key here. Oversized cardigans, ponchos and extra large scarfs are not only capturing the effortless and bohemian spirit, but  feeding into the current coziness craze, as they deliver versatile function and a cocooning feel. For your key-accessories consider weaving and crafting details, tassels, gem stones, embroideries and fringe. Bold jewelry and statement belts are great ways to jewel up your looks and add a cultural feel. Metal and stones are eclectic details for the garments too. Fluid printed or embroidered dresses and blouses build a counterpart to the heavy outerwear and knitwear pieces and balance out the look. This trend story will create new comfort and stylish pieces with long-lasting qualities, while generating reassuring bestsellers for the high-winter season of 2021.