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Instagram Update: Prints & Textiles

Screens evoking Touch.

Livetrend has been able to track the top fabrics and prints, which are dominating social-media image libraries, and have therefore proven their digital-effectiveness. With life taking place on screen today, fabrics are taking an even more important part within the design process. Their colors and patterns resonate on the displays and use their language to communicate indirectly and affect the surroundings in a subconscious manner. But next to color-psychology and print-communication, the lack of touch and in-store experience demands textures to be intensified, so they are able to resonate digitally and evoke the sensation of their tactile qualities. 

The idea of creating a digital sense of touch unites all top-fabrics. Leathers, quilting, super-soft yarns, chunky knits and polar fleece all provide a cocooning feel and a sense of protectiveness. Being able to find refuge and softness in the garments and the fabrics that touch our skin has become a new desire for consumers. Post-pandemic this wellness feel will continue to drive people, who have gotten used to a more comfort and practicality-driven lifestyle. 

Prints are currently pushing ideas on escaping, while remaining their statement-character for on-screen experiences. Current highlights are psychedelic marbles, exotic Animalia and nostalgic city florals. Whether people escape towards the past, the digital or the dreams, they are all united by the willingness to leave the crisis behind and to finding new hopes and dreams. 

In the following you can find  all the key materials and prints with their related data, which were generated by Livetrend trend-tracking technology. The number on the left indicates the index of growth on instagram and provides you with reliable data to support your collection assortment. The data helps you to understand and compare which materials to invest in or which best-sellers to push and update. 

Key Fabrics & Materials




Polar Fleece






Statement Knits



Key Prints & Patterns


Psychedelic Marbles


Abstract Tie & Tye






Ditsy Florals

Get your bestsellers ready

As mentioned before virtual tactility is the key-word of the moment. Visualizing surfaces through the screen is the idea that unites all of the current trend-materials. Instagram has surfaced leather, with its soft-touch and luxurious character as one of the top textiles. Other volume oriented textiles, include polar fleece (printed and monochrome) and quilting. Interpretations are endless here, however the effect remains protecting, comforting and soft. Regarding knitwear, rib knits, which feel modular or integrate soft yarns, or more individual statement knits are demonstrating their leading qualities. Tweed with its heritage appeal is bringing comfort and reassurance through its nostalgic note,. However, more and more tweeds are inherited with brushed yarns to also enhance the sensation of the hyper-soft touch and comfort, which consumers are longing for. 


The print narratives, leading on Instagram, are channeling the new digital life and create collective dreamscapes for a generation. Especially new abstract tie &dye and psychedelic marbled effects are evoking the idea of escaping to another universe. While these prints take us to new territories, naive ditsy florals and updated heritage checks (houndstooth, gingham , plaid) are taking us to the soothing familiarity of the past. Animalia is a staple for the majority of seasons, but it seems like the lack of travel has sparked an interest in exotic animal prints. Combined with rather sharp cuts and new materials, these animal patterns are enhanced with a more contemporary feel. 

Make sure to check the Report on Instagram’s Trending Confirmation & Key Products to make sure you get your assortment set-up with best-sellers. And extend those products with some more recent emerging trends, that you can find in the more edgy Early Signals Report.