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Fall 19 Patterns & Prints

n.1 Animal Print

Animal prints account for 38% of best prints this season. This trend is now at its peak and is clearly on the rise. Consumer interest in this print has been stable for at least a year. The countries that have generated most internet research on this subject are Luxembourg, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, America and England. Transversal in all product families, it is very important both in clothing and accessories and lingerie.

n.2 Floral

As always, floral prints are very important. They represent 21% of the best 5 prints. Mostly the taste of this season is still for flowers clearly 80’s and 90’s. Spotted flowers with a solid background or large flowers suspended on coloured or dark fabrics. From day to night, the flower is suitable for any occasion. This season is ideal for being worn and mixed with large grunge checks and leopard print.

n.3 Plaid & Checks

Plaids represent 18% of the best patterns. This is a stable trend. The main check fabrics are weaving: tailoring ones, tweeds, gabardines, poly-viscose and woolly fibers.  The customer never tires and continues to look for several iconic pieces in this fantasy: from the coat to the jacket, from the skirt to the pants. The most chic ones play with colour and macro-checks to get the fashion touch: wide and fluid suits, structured coats, frayed jackets… The younger ones interpret it as grunge, in a woolly overshirt to wear over a dress with small flowers, in a kilt or to wear superposed plaid on checks with a hoodie in a sportswear fashion style.

n.4 Paisley

As we detected at the very beginning of the season, the paisley has invaded the collections and is indeed a must have of the season. Pretty classic, whether it’s big and bohemian or small and preppy, it lends itself to being mixed with western or rock looks.
Printed on light, often veiled fabrics, it features lurex yarns for a chic and trendy touch.
It represents 6% of the best 5 prints of the season.

n.5 Stripes

Stripes are always important in fashion collections. Especially for the knitwear, where they play with the contrast of colours in horizontal bands creating powerful visual effects. Also important for shirting and tailoring where they are more discreet, but often play the detail of the piece.
Graphic or rustic, depending on the brand’s DNA, they give motion and colour to the racks.
Stripes represent 17% of the best patterns and are rather part of a classic/commercial sphere this season.

Top 5 Pattern & Print

No great new features at the best 5 prints of the season. From a quantitative point of view, the animal remains the most important in all product families and materials. The checks also continue to fill the collections after several seasons, with a grunge and plaid accent this winter. Flowers also remain a best seller, but this season it is the mix of these three fantasies that brings a certain novelty. The paisley, on the other hand, strengthens its presence in the collections. Presented by the most in different versions and interpretations. There is still a wave of scarf prints on dresses and tops and micro patterns like stars that animate the fabrics and sometimes replace the polka dots.

6 September 2019