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Trend Confirmation: Bigger and Better!

Entrenched in female empowerment!

It is the big return of power dressing and the power suit. Big and boxy, bold and sleek. The enlarged suits, that are parading on social media are giving women a sense of power and belonging. With the return of office life, this trend comes just at the right time to manifest the strength of women within their work environments. In terms of shapes, the motto screams: the bigger, the better. With large volume blazers and pants, these suits match with the current demand for comfort as well as the need to demonstrate power and dress-up again. The trend for vintage garments, drives the aesthetic that evokes the idea of taking garments out of your partner, father or grandpa’s archive and make it your own. In order to refine the voluminous style, the look is usually combined with cropped tops or reduced to the large blazer and added to more fitted silhouettes. Be ready to power up for the next season, the comfy power suit is all around.