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Trend Confirmation: Hyperbright Hues

An eccentric language of color!

The trend for hyperbrights and the return of purposeful color-blocking has emerged on the runways towards the end of the pandemic. Creators began to dream of a life aside from lockdowns and escaped into colorful worlds of phantasies. Now that the world is beginning to open-up again and vocational summer moods are grasping the masses, we can see this trend develop across social media. The feeds are now transformed into clashing color palettes and the most fashionable and daring influencers are testing the combination and clashing of various bright and semi-bold colors within one outfit. The combination of equally bold colors is resulting in a surprisingly balanced style and enables consumers to express their personality and eclectic vision on the world. Be bold and daring and experiment with more creative color combos moving forward. The market seems ready for this trend and Livetrend is predicting this trend to remain a safe bet for the next summer season as well, promising to gain an even higher commercial magnitude as we are moving ahead.