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Trend Confirmation: A Vitalizing Match

Capturing positivity!

Bright greens have been highly successful over the last seasons, becoming bolder and brighter by the minute. Now, the optimistic and liberated feelings surrounding summer are augmenting this bold interest through the clashing colors. The match of green and pink is a staple across the most influential feeds within the fashion sector and is guaranteed to lift the mood even higher. The complimentary shades are certainly providing a bold yet balanced look. Even if fuchsia is decreasing 2 point percentage on ready-to-wear assortment this summer, to let the place to orange and yellow, Instagram is giving signal that pink resonating a sense of confidence, femininity and love, is still a favourite colour of the season. Meanwhile, green is still representing between 3 and 5% of color assortment and it is reflecting refreshment, rest and security, according to color psychology. That’s why, these two highlight colors seem more than appropriate within the context of the current situation.