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Trend Alert: Overlock Exposed

Perfected Imperfections!

Exposing overlocked seams and hems has resurfaced as a trend amongst the most edgy fashion consumers over the previous seasons. Upcoming designers have focused on repurposing materials and dove into the aesthetic of putting the overlocked seams in focus. With a taste for the early 2000s, this style is coming as no surprise, as lettuce hems etc. were a favorite back then as well. If we look at the development of the trend, we can track that the more edgy niche is pushing the concept towards even more radical territories, while the trend detail is arriving on more commercial levels in form of more subtle interpretations. Consider this finishing trend with an eye for sustainable design and think about reworking your dead-stock. The continuous relevance of visible overlocks across the fast-paced fashion crowd suggests that the trend is supposed to remain and establish a higher magnitude and commercial appeal..