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Trend Alert: Hyper Embellished Denims

Going to the extremes to challenge creativity!

Denim has experienced an influx of more maximalist design treatments across the past runways, ranging from men to couture, across Social Media and along up next designers. Triggered by the strong desire to turn this ever-polluting industry into a more sustainable one, DIY and up-cycling have challenged the aesthetic of contemporary denim looks. A slightly crafted, overcharged and personalized appeal is now favored especially by younger audiences. With a rise of #Y2K styles hyper embroidered and embellished denim looks with glitzy and glamorous jewelryfications have proven to be a path worth exploring, as brands like Balmain and Schiaparelli are showing. Adding a feel of dazzle to a renown casual style feels fresh and ignites creativity. Going bold and creating statement styles with overcharged trimmings is the path to go to fully embrace this crafted trend. Get inventive for your next assortments and explore embroidery, rhinestones, metal pieces, prints, patches and more.