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Textured Touch

Soft Tactility

The fear of touch and the contact-less world of the pandemic have increased people’s interest in tactility and texture. This trend has increased 94% from last season and it is a great way to update basics with a visual and unique effect. Pleasingly tactile effects can create a very luxury and sophisticated feel. Radical surface effects and innovative textures and finishes may include crumple effects, micro-pleating, new textured yarns or stitchings. Knits can easily be updated with this trend-story via irregular and grainy textures. Combined with a super-soft yarns, knits will have a feathery effect, that has reassuring and comforting qualities, which consumers are currently longing for.
Remember that your designs are going to be sold digitally, more than evern so these high visual effects of textures and tactility are one of the best eye-catcher option for your products.

This trend has great potential to capture the macrotrends of a new purposeful luxury combined with the feeling of being more connected to nature and humanity in general. The integration of irregular and purposefully imperfect effects adds a humble narrative to your product. While bringing newness and innovation in a more subtle way, pieces will be having an increased lifespan and become trans-seasonal.