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Stripes in April

N.1 Pattern

the percentage of striped garments increases during the season and in April it reaches 24% of the patterns, overcoming flowers, checks and climbing to the first place. The range of stripes colours goes from a prevalence of black and white or marine to a majority of blue stripes in the shirting style. The stripes with natural tones are placed in second place, then come the green, red and pink and multicolor stripes. The composition is rather cotton or linen mix and the garments that are presented mostly striped are dresses and tops. In addition to the shirting spirit, the stripes are used for women’s dresses, sometimes combined with lace inserts. They are strapless or with feminine  straps and deep or squared necklines.
The average price of striped garments is €164, while the average price of striped dress is €210 and 150€ for tops.