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Statement collar

Collars to impress

In January we predict to expect a trend on oversized collar for FW20 and here we are! Our trend confirmation comes from Instagram (more than 1000 posts since march 2020) where this detail is rising between influencers shots and new arrivals in several e-shops.
White big collar is really a new thing among all these trends.
How not grasp an historical influence in these styles when the inspiration seems clearly taken from the portraits of Velasquez and Rembrandt, which resurrect the broad white collars of the 17th century. In those times, the portrait was the best representation of oneself, one’s status and importance. Sort of like today’s selfies are in a way. Nowadays, portrait and mid-bust framings, have become even more important because of the digital habits taken with lockdown. Skype calls, zoom conferences, video calls…today the upper body has become much more important. It’s no coincidence that necks have become a focus, like shoulders and sleeves.
The focus here is about top and dresses of course, but we will see maxi collar also for coats and blazers during FW20.